It’s heeeeeeeeereeee!!!!

So I’ve seen this like I don’t know how many times already (I even dreamed about it in my sleep the night before it was out, no joke, serious issues here) and each time I watch it I see something new. Twitter was all a-flutter trying to decipher the plot but I love that the story is still so mysterious. If you look closely though, you can make out some bits and pieces.

I’m definitely seeing some shades of The End Of The Affair, especially because of the line teri berahem duaaon se (your ruthless prayers)  juxtaposed over the accident/church scene – which if you know anything about Graham Greene’s novel, you’ll immediately catch on to the gist of the plot, or at least part of it. I’m totally excited if that’s the case because that is one of my all time favorite novels and it’s just begging for a Bollywood – correction, a Yash Chopra adaptation.

But even beyond that, there’s so much going on – Anushka’s character, the whole army officer angle, etc. You can check out LiveMint’s rather lame suppositions of what they think the plot is even though JTHJ’s editor Namrato Rao has confirmed that none of their 7 ideas come near it. And Rajeev Masand tweeted some spoilers which you can check on his timeline if you wish, or just avoid if you want to be surprised (totally irresponsible of him to do that but I guess many people are curious).

Other than SRK and his EPIC beard, the real shining star in this trailer is Anushka Sharma. Like WOW girl – I haven’t been all that bowled over by her so far, but in this she looks fresh, spunky, totally uninhibited and real. I have a feeling she might just steal the show.

As for Katrina well, okay so she’s not terrible but I’m still very concerned about the plastic face because it seems that she’s the one who got all the damdaar dramatic moments in the movie. I somehow get the feeling that the chemistry between her and SRK is going to be quite the sizzlemeister though…only because Yash Chopra can probably make even a dead log learn how to love with passion (I mean, not that I’m saying Kat is a dead log but…)

I am SO PSYCHED you guys. I’ve been nervous about how this might turn out but hey, the pink shirt doesn’t even look that pink on screen and Shahrukh is bringin’ the sexy like BIG time in this one. I feel like this is a different SRK than what we’ve seen before, even in other YRF stuff – the treatment feels different and both he and the character seem a bit more rough, irreverent, not as clean-cut…a bit wonky around the edges, which I love.

I also somehow never realized that Devika Bhagat was co-writing the script with Aditya Chopra (though how much of her contribution survived between both Sr. & Jr. Chopra may be up for debate) – I think that has a lot to do with how current the film feels. The visuals & cinematography promise to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous and the music is already like swoon swoon swoon.

So anyway, given how much hoo-haa was made about how “magical” Barfi! is, for me THIS is the definition of filmy magic, Bollywood style – effortlessly so and without rubbing your nose in it.

JTHJ Tweet Of The Day Runner-up by the super-caustic Mihir Fadnavis:

Well. At least he liked the trailer, which if you know him at all is total “when pigs fly” territory.

JTHJ Tweet Of the Day First Prize goes to Ms. Namrata Joshi for those of us who understand the power of facial hair:

Alas, the answer to that was no.

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31 comments on “JAB TAK HAI JAAN. THAT IS ALL.

  1. Ah, I just can’t wait for the movie to release!!
    I don’t care a dime about it’s economics and how much business it does and I know that there would be unnecessary comparisons with ETT, but I just want to sit back and get mesmerized by “the king of romance” like always! :)

  2. Watching the trailer somehow reminds me of DDLJ.. Maybe the instrument that was playing at 1:09.

  3. I have high hopes for this but still a bit afraid. I’m a huge Yash Chopra fan, but honestly speaking was really disappointed with Veer Zahra. It was just a bit TOO melodramatic for me, and hoping this doesn’t go the same way :s

    • Shai,

      Yeah Veer Zara grew on me later, but I didn’t like it when it first came out. It’s VERY melodramatic, but after Bolly started losing all of its melodrama to make way for a more Western style of filmmaking, I actually began to miss it LOL. With JTHJ, since Bhagat was a co-writer, I’m thinking they’ve toned down the melodrama quite a bit (but hopefully not too much).

  4. “Dead log.” That is all. :D

  5. I also didn’t realize that there’s a co-writer….that’s actually good news, considering the fact that when left on his own, Aditya Chopra comes up with stuff like Mohabbatein and RNBDJ (ugh)…His writing in Veer-Zaara was pretty good, but certainly not great…he’s not a bad writer, but he just gets a little too carried away…in DDLJ, I think he got immense help from Honey Irani and Javed Siddiqui…why don’t they take help from someone like Jaideep Sahni, who wrote Chak De India and Rocket Singh?…he could probably bring something fresh to the table…

    Anyway, those thoughts aside, the trailer definitely surpassed my expectations…it’s looking very fresh – SRK looks damn good here, and it’s SO awesome to see him back in this kind of romantic film….Anushka is impressive, the only thing that might ruin it for me is Katrina…so far she hasn’t managed to bring an ounce of emotion to her face…I will admit though that SRK-Katrina do look like the quintessential Yash Chopra pair here…eagerly awaiting the soundtrack!….

    • Dilse,

      I have often wondered WTH happened to Adi after the wondrous DDLJ, haven’t liked any of his work. But you’re right, he prolly got a lot of help for that first script because his later ones have been so disappointing – like they have potential but somehow or other he always manages to ruin it. My dream would’ve been if Gulzar wrote Yash ji’s last film – like the poetry, script, lyrics everything but I dunno, maybe that wouldn’t have been commercial enough.

      And yeah, I think we’re all apprehensive about Kat…

      • Yep, as Dilse says, the credit for DDLJ deserved to go to Honey Irani et al. She even had a protracted tussle over this, after which she gave up working with the Chopras. What a shame.

        Also, does it not seem extremely likely that Aditya is ghost directing this film, or is that too convenient a conclusion from the fact that he’s written the story, screenplay and dialogues and that Yashji is getting quite on a bit?

        • Jai,

          Oh gosh I hope it’s not true re Adi ghost-directing though it’s not unlikely. Then again from some detailed bits & pieces I’ve read from SRK re the shoot, it seems that Yashji was really the one directing the shots so…

  6. by seeing trailer it seems it’s a next stage of rommance from srk ,,and i notice in dil to pagal hai the karishama kapoor’s dance same dress katreena wearing ..

  7. Hmmm.. I was not really looking forward to this film. But again i will say, i’ll watch the film for 3 reasons – Anushka Sharma, Gulzar & Rahman.

    Lot was being said on Anushka’s role that it is like an extended cameo, etc.. But they have showed her in the trailer at par (i’m referring to footage ONLY) with Dead log. And i too think Anushka will walk with all the accolades.

    Get filmy – you cheer for your SRK & i will cheer for Miss Blabbermouth Anushka. :-)

    • Rahul,

      AGREED! Cheering for SRK all the waaaay!! Just read on PV that Anushka is playing a 21 year old named Akira who wants to work for the Discovery Channel…hmmm, the plot thickens…

  8. The moment I read the trailer came out last night, I screamed “Shotti?” to no one in particular. And GAH the trailer itself – so much gorgeousness. And SRK’s brought the sizzle. This looks like Silsila-level romantic craziness. I have a feeling the Chopras expanded Anushka’s role; it was originally reported that her part was almost a glorified cameo, but she seems to be in every other frame of the trailer.
    I can’t deal with Miss Dead-Log’s trout-pout or prematurely embalmed face, but she’s generating more heat with SRK than she has with anyone in the recent past. Though that little crop-top/mini ensemble? I’m not so sure about that.

    • Sal,

      Arre tumi Bangali naki?! Hehe. Yes been fangirling like mad over the trailer all day, am quite exhausted now. The romance looks super-hot. And isn’t it weird, even with Kat’s plastic-face, in her scenes with SRK the chemistry is ssssmokin’! The crop-top mini is def a bit disturbing but enh, aur bhi gham hai duniya me Kat ke wardrobe ke siva….

      • Puropuri phuchka-and-Robi-babu-loving Bangali here! Shesher line ta porar por hashte hashte obostha kharap hoye gelo. Yep, even Stoneface McTroutpout is not killing my buzz for this film :)

  9. I like Katrina, but find her haveily reconstructed face an increasing distraction. In my view, she CAN act, and showed that in Raajneeti, but I agree that all the work she’s had done is a huge distraction in this trailer. On the upside, it’s a distraction from the pedophiliac overtones of an increasingly aged-looking SRK in a romantic drama with TWO women whose combined ages barely exceed his. I still look forward to the film, especially for Anushka, but IU would love to see SRK finally admit his age, act his age and act with actresses his age.

    • Stuart,

      Well “pedophiliac” is taking it a bit too far I think and rather unfair. I’m not sure why SRK is always singled out for this particular criticism when every other actor his age is acting opposite the same exact actresses. I’ve never seen SRK not admit his age or act his age, as for acting with actresses his age, that’s a disease of the industry, not just him alone. Besides older men are cast opposite younger women all over the world, whether we like it or not it’s the reality.

  10. @stuartnz what is it with people wanting only young actors to act with other young actors? yes this is a film but hey don’t we see this allll the time, men in their 40’s (a perfect time for them or for some.. maleopause, ending of relationships, never grew up, too busy for family, dont see anything wrong with it) dating younger women. I’m not sure if its an Indian thing but i find that whole argument a little dated.

    But this trailer right here, is just yummy. Srk is yummy, Katrina is her usual meh, Anushka i just love, so yes i will watch and be happy to. I hope there’s a little bit of melodrama, this is Yash-ji after all, and i would be disappointed if there wasn’t.

    @getfilmy i tried to work out some of the plot from what i saw too, so here it is. He’s an army guy, maybe a specialist/officer on the border of Pakistan or some other threateningish country. He already knows Anushka, she’s based in India, she’s however more of a sister to him ( a behenji, did i spell that right) hence the kiss on the head, however she’s in love with him. She vows to show him how mature she is and can handle her ish, by putting herself and her career in the thick of it , being able to have gorgeous Pantene type hair and stuff while being blown up, becomes a photographer in a warzone, or summat. she either gets killed or kidnapped or he then gets stationed overseas meets this hot thing, who’s all ” yeah my face is plastic but look at my bowchickawowwow” who is all like young and free, falls for her, then it becomes some kind of twisted love triangle. howzaaboutit, whatsay?

    • Londongirl,

      First off – thanks. :)

      As for your STUNNINGLY brilliant synopsis which had me ROFLing all over the place (bowchickawowow!!) I say it is a mighty, mighty fine attempt, especially re the Anushka behenji thing coz I keep watching the trailer over and over to find some evidence of whether he’s actually WITH Anushka or if that’s a one-sided thingamajig. *My* theory however is that he is in London first and things go wrong with Ms. Thang (the botox finally got to him after which he opted for excessive facial hair) and the army plot comes later. Admittedly I’m still having trouble explaining how he goes from free-wheeling Fedora-wearing London musician to SUPERHOT army officer but whatevs we still have nearly 2 months to figure it all out!

    • @getfilmy Yes, pedophiliac was excessively hyperbolic, a regrettable choice you wer right to call me on, I’m sorry. But I am a very even-handed critic – I do complain about this with every actor, not just SRK. I’m also not an SRK-hater, even though not a fan. From movies like Baazigar and Chak De India, I know that he can actually act, and I would love to see that again, especially in a movie that featured the underutilised talents of actresses his own age. Worth noting too is that I don’t think SRK looks bad, he looks very good for his age, especially with the beard hiding the ravages of his smoking. I just think that the very obvious age gap is a grave distraction, in the same way that Katrina’s tragic plastic surgery fixation has made her face a sad distraction.

      @londongirlindetroit my complaint is less about only wanting young actors to work with young actors, more about the culture in Hindi cinema that expects 20+ year age gaps and pretends they don’t exist. The only film I can remember in recent times that explicitly nodded to the phenomenon was Patiala House, in which Kat’s character made jibes about Akki’s age (I have yet to see ETT).

      If Indian men do make a practice of dating 20-25 years below their own age (I’m very happy bow to your superior knowledge in this) that only reinforces the troublingly patriarchal and proprietary elements that disturb me about the filmi habit. On a more immediately personal level, though, the filmi practice really annoys me because it shuts out talented actresses whose only crime is being over 35 AND closes down promising new storylines and film ideas that could be developed if Hindi cinema could accept that most men do actually date women more or less contemporary in age. As long as SRK et al. keep starring in films built around the belief that beautiful young women in their 20s falling for men in the mid 40s is the norm, women like Juhi, Tabu, Karisma and others will be marginalised and have few worthwhile options open.

      • Most of the 40 plus actors in Bollywood are producing their own films, so I’m not understanding why more of an effort isn’t being made to back scripts which allow for actresses in that 30 to 35 plus age group to have a decent role…I agree that it would definitely open up so many new story ideas…but no one seems to want to go against the trend…

        SRK-Katrina look fine in my opinion – He doesn’t look like her dad like some are saying, but yeah it should be clear that it’s an older man with a younger woman…stop trying to pass off a 40 year old as a 20 something…there are exceptions where it works, like say Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots, but that’s not usually the case…

        • Stuart et al,

          I totally agree that it would be fantastic to see all the Khans & Akshay, Ajay etc acting opposite 30+ actresses and it exasperates me that this casting doesn’t happen. But I think the blame has to go on the system as a whole (the culture of the industry as well as the larger society), rather than any actor in particular.

          Stu you were asking about dating practices, in my limited knowledge I wouldn’t say they “date”, but younger women are married off to older, even divorced/widowed men with grown children all the time and no one bats an eyelid. The mentality that men are in their prime well into their 50s while women are “over” once they hit 30 is stubbornly (and grossly) embedded in our society (and frankly, in many societies).

          No one is doing much to challenge this thinking within the industry because whatever sells, sells.

          For JTHJ in particular, I don’t think SRK had anything to do with the casting, that was probly jointly Aditya & Yash Chopra’s decision. I also think they ARE going to address the age issue between Anushka & SRK because in that portion of the film, there’s been a time lapse since the SRK-Katrina track. I also think SRK looks fine with Katrina, he even looks great with Deepika. It’s probly Anushka jumping around like a kid in her booty shorts that’s causing some of the discomfort but I think they made her character deliberately young (unlike RNBDJ where she was more mature) for the story.

  11. aaaah , i am nodding my head, and agreeing. and yes @stuartnz i totally agree, they should cast actresses in their 30’s even 40’s with these men, i mean how freaking-magic-mushroom-popping would it be if they cast Madhuri with SRK, or Sridevi, my mind just does a jig thinking about it. and Lol, i know nothing of the Indian men dating younger women thing, alluding to the fact that i’m not Indian, nor have been to India, just love its cinema. I am however looking at the whole Rich man goggles situation; you know where as soon as dude has some money it doesn’t matter if he needs viagra every night, a walking stick and a ventilator, you can fall in love with him or just that men do this in the west like its nothing. @getfilmy i am eager to fall in love with SRK all over again in 2 months.

  12. Rather silly, but I got super excited because the shots of SRK and Kat frolicking in the fountain between 1:20 and 1:30 look to have been filmed at the school where I did my MA! (the fountain is in the courtyard of Somerset House, London.) So mad I’m not still in the area to have seen the filming!!!

  13. SRK is truly the king of romance. I just hope this film doesn’t turn out to be a let down.

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