Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 Interviews

Interview #1: Frankly Speaking With Salman Khan

So have you guys seen the Salman Khan interview everyone’s talking about?

You can catch it here, if you haven’t – it’s Salman in a pretty rare open and relaxed mood. While many are praising Arnab Goswami (Salman ka chamcha #1 going by this interview) for “getting him to open up” I personally feel no one can “get him” to open up. He opens up when he wants to open up.

Also, I will never forgive Arnab for his WTF “debate” on SRK’s Wankhede incident. Like dear Mr. Snotty Journalist, maybe try not to be so obvious about your  biases.

Anyway, Salman’s definitely been happier in most of his Dabangg 2 interviews as compared to the Ek Tha Tiger ones. Partly I feel it’s because he was very, very irritated with YRF when he was doing his promotional drive which I personally don’t blame him for because I’m irritated with YRF ALL THE TIME.

And of course, Dabangg 2 is a home production, plus the pain in his face is apparently gone 100% (yaaaayyyy!!!) – so everything combined I think we’re just seeing a very heppy heppy Salman this promotional round. Which is great, because Bhai khush, toh sab khush, nahin? :)

My favorite quotable quote from the Arnab interview (he said it in Hindi so I’m translating):

Salmanism #294: “If I get married will my wife become your wife? Maybe your wife will become my wife, but my wife will never become your wife so how are you benefiting from my marriage?”


Also PREM IS DEFINITELY COMING BACK and even though no one could ever be as evil as to want to hurt Sooraj Barjatya, I swear if he messes up The Return Of Prem screenplay I just may have to drown him in a sea of Hum Saath Saath Hain DVDs.

PREM! Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte!

Courtesy ibnlive.com

Courtesy ibnlive.com

What say? Team Prem or Team Chulbul?

Interview #2: Salman Returns (Dun Dun DUNNNNN) To The Front Row With Anupama Chopra

First, HAHAHAHAHAHA. (Because, the last one wasn’t enough?)

Second, MUCH calmer in this.

Third, green tea replaced by soda. I can almost imagine Anu’s first question to him being: Do you want something to drink? Because we should probably get that out of the way now rather than after the cameras are rolling.

The awkwardness was kept to a minimum in this interview with Anupama pushing hard to remain unfazed and Salman turning on his best Good Boy face (doesn’t that haircut make him look so well-behaved?)

Except for the very beginning where he was like “Why do you think Chulbul was such a good fit for me?” which I interpreted as “Are you saying I’m dumb?”

But Anupama backed up and said something about “irreverence” which set things back on track and I think Salman was like, alright let me not bug her this time.

Frankly I think this interview was better than Arnab’s, especially because Salman goes more in-depth about the way he works on set. I loved that story about him getting stuck on one of his Dad’s lines for an entire day in Patthar Ke Phool.

My favorite quotes from the interview:

Salmanism #482: The power that’s been given to you as a successful person, sometimes even if you’re doing the right thing and you’re putting your foot down for the right thing, you have this guilt in you that “I hope I’m not abusing my power”.

<— LOVE him for this because I think many people have the idea that Salman probably does strong-arm his way into every scene and dialog on set – even if he’s right most of the time about the way a scene should be interpreted….and yet the fact that he does suffer from that little bit of doubt or guilt about how much of his power he’s using or abusing…. <3 Mr. Humble No. 1

Salmanism #739: “I don’t take my stardom seriously. I’m just one of the guys who made it.” <3 <3

<– On why audiences connect with him as much as they do. And you know you believe him when he says it. Of all the Khans I truly think it’s only Salman for whom stardom rolls off of him like water off a duck’s back (or…something like that).

Finally, the Really Big thing he said in this interview was:

Salmanism #197: “I don’t have any respect for people who kiss on screen.”

<— And obviously the whole world was like “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT SRK?” and while I’m not denying the the SRK-Kat kiss may have been playing on his mind just a li’l bit, it’s also a stance he’s held on to for a long time.

Bhai, I don’t like how fast the industry is changing anymore than you do and while I would sigh and swoon at you kissing the glass door instead of Bhagyashree’s lips in Maine Pyar Kiya FOREVER, aaj kal ke bacche would be like, WTF is wrong with you bro?

And to calm people down, he does go on to say that maybe he’ll do it in the future, to save his career (winky wink nudge nudge).

Also, World Crisis Alert you guys, Salman literally doesn’t have a place to meet the ladies – he doesn’t go out, he doesn’t party, they don’t come to his living room where he hangs out most of the time – but the most adorable thing was when he half-jokingly said (I’m paraphrasing here):

Salmanism #763: “I don’t go to mandir where I might fall in love with a girl doing aarti.”

Filmy Prem LIVES.

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12 comments on “Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 Interviews

  1. First of all…TEAM PREM!
    But also, I wish he just expressed his opinion on kissing and didn’t attach a judgement to it. It’s fine, you don’t kiss, nobody’s forcing you to do it or like it….but implying that 90% of the industry (including SRK, Kat, his dost Aamir…etc) don’t deserve respect is a bit out there…imho.

    • Ani,

      Yaa! Team Prem forevaa! :D

      Yeah, the “respect” thing was a bit forceful but he does smooth it out later when he says that maybe he’ll do it in the future…that canceled it out for me. Y’know Sal, it wouldn’t be a proper interview if he didn’t say at least one controversial thing. ;)

      • My bad! Didn’t watch the rest of the interview! Yeah, I guess he needs to choose his words carefully, because media is ready to pounce and turn them into a controversy :)

  2. I enjoyed one he did with Sonakshi on NDTV, Meet the Pandeys or something. When they ask her Rajjo’s best and worst parts of being married to Chulbul, he says something (I think) about how she doesn’t get any sleep at night. It was funny. I think in terms of co-star interviews, ones with Sonakshi and the ones he did with Asin have him at his most fun/laid back.

    • Jess,

      Yeah in comparison, he seems very much on edge with Kat doesn’t he? I felt like the ETT interviews things got progressively more awkward between them…

      • Yeah for sure, but maybe that was part yrf like you said. And kareena is kareena, all I remember during bodyguard/ra.one promo time she showed up to very little. The diva is busy! Lol

  3. YAY!!! Thanks Getfilmy for this one post on SALMAN KHAN alone!!!
    I’m all for Team Prem though I do have a soft spot for Team Chulbul..

    I’m a die-hard fan of Salman and tries to watch as many interviews of him as I can. One thing I observe is if he wants to open up, he opens up without being force and share all the details that he wants but if he doesn’t want..

    It’s so good to see him in a much calmer mood nowadays :)

    • diwani,

      hehe, you’re welcome, and I agree it’s very nice to see him in a calmer mood these days. it’s tough to choose between prem and pandey ji but since i crushed on prem soooo bad when i was younger, i’m always going to be Team Prem! ;)

  4. It’s great to have you back blogging!

    As far as “opening up” goes, I think you should also post about the interview he did with Komal Nahta (which I just watched). Again it’s very frank, open, and detailed, especially in his analysis of Chulbul Pandey’s character and the story of Dabangg (the first one).

    • mm,

      thanks! I did watch the Komal Nahta interview as well and i loved how detailed he got about the making of dabangg 2 and the character and how they tried to make the story different for the sequel. i probably won’t blog about that in a gossip post, but i have a feeling i’m going to be referencing a lot of his points in my review after i watch the movie. i’m psyched now, can’t wait! :)

      • I also found it fascinating that they had actually shot two different versions of Dabangg with Abhinav Kashyap, the “arty” version and the “commercial” version, for 60% of the film. Now those are the kinds of things I’d like to get on the bonus dvd, not lame “making of” videos or artificial interviews with the stars. :(

        I was struck by Salman’s character analysis, because I felt it was such a slap in the face (not that he intended it that way) for all the people who go on and on about how he’s a “non actor” or “doesn’t know how to act”, or “plays himself in every film”, etc.

      • I also thought you’d like his compliment to SRK on his looks. :)

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