2012: The Year That Was

Happy 2013 you guys!!!!

I’ve been stalling and stalling on getting my end of year post written because frankly the end of 2012 was terrible between the horrible, horrible tragedy of Jyoti Singh Pandey (which put me off movies, Bollywood and almost everything else for a long time) and me catching the flu from hell, I was just off my Bolly-game.

But! I’m feeling better now and I’m happy to say I had the awesome opportunity to be on not one but two amazingly fun end-of-year podcasts (stuffy nose, scratchy throat and all), so do check them out even though I sound funny and incoherent in both.

The first is the Tripple Eggs Podcast (funny Sujoy is funny) hosted by the hilarious @9e3k who also blogs at oneknightstands.net and has crazy funny gifs and memes at bollypop.in. And of course Beth of Beth Loves Bollywood (who doesn’t know Beth?) – who is always sharp and witty and all around adorable.

And the second is Upodcast hosted by the awesome Asim Burney who also gets to interview our favorite stars and directors on his amazing podcast. My co-guests on that one were gossip queen FilmiGirl (who doesn’t know FilmiGirl?) and the super-sweet Charla Manohar from Bollyspice.com.

Aaaand in case you need more End Of Year fun – here’s my post, in completely random order of memorable things from the year that was 2012.

Most Aggravating Film Of The Year:  Barfi!


Plagiarism, homage, inspiration, BEST FILM OF THE YEAR!, original, copied, genius, hack, India’s Oscar entry GAH! Make up your mind, what is it?!

The only thing anyone could agree on was that Ranbir was brilliant. And PC too (I say reluctantly). The rest of the madness made it impossible to decide whether this was a film of unbridled genius or a copy-paste job. For me it ended up being the film I wanted to love but in all good faith, couldn’t.

Best Use Of Facial Hair To Camouflage Story Defects

GF Pics13

An epic battle between SRK’s JTHJ Stubble and Aamir Khan’s Talaash Mustache….

If I were a fair sort of person I would give this to Aamir because that Moonch had roots people. Deep, dark, hypnotic, bristly roots that totally made you forget how stupid the story was.

But because I’m hopelessly biased, I must give this to The Stubble, which let’s face it, had a tougher job on its hands as far as deflecting our attention from story holes and plot logic and Sir Jesus and…er, stuff like that.

Bossman Of The Year: Sridevi


She came, she saw, she conquered. And she barely even flinched.

Because she’s Sridevi. She’s still Sridevi.

That’s really all anyone needs to say.

Paparazzi Shot Of The Year

Courtesy Bollywood Life

Courtesy Bollywood Life

Yes, I did that to you again.

Party Of The Year: KJo’s Birthday Bash


It was a huge year for weddings  but nothing even came close to KJo’s 40th I’m Married To Myself birthday bash.

There were sequined shoes, a matching bowtie, and a red carpet. It was epic.

And all the other brides paled in comparison.

Heartbreak Of The Year: Yash Chopra



Smackdowns Of the Year

Picture Courtesy NDTV

Picture Courtesy NDTV

1. SRK vs. Wankhede Guard

2. Saif Vs. Old Guy

3. GetFilmy vs Shirish Kunder

4. Ajay Devgn vs YRF

Er…well I think we all have to agree that SRK’s earth-shattering “gonna bury you right here right now $^@$$%@” kind of blew our minds.

And then he went and kissed Katrina on screen.

Quite the year our King Khan had, didn’t he?

As for the rest, Saifu’s little brawl ended up being a bit of a bore. Ajay had some nerve bugging YRF over the crapfest that was Son Of Sardar (seriously, you’re gonna go all up in arms for that movie?).

And I well, kind of went off my rocker with Kunder and Joker BUT HE DESERVED IT and now I’m over it and so, it seems, is his career.

You know what they say, all’s well that ends well.

Most Criminally Under-rated Film Of The Year: Aiyyaa


WATCH this movie and TELL me you hated it. You can’t you can’t you can’t because it is AWESOME! Rani is awesome. Prithvi is awesome. Everything is awesome. And critics suck balls.

What I Didn’t Give A Shit About In 2012: PC’s  Album

Um, yeah.

What I’m Over In 2012: Masala and The 100 Crore Club

If I see anymore paint-by-numbers South masala remakes I may have to go on bhook hartal a la Rajnikanth.

And if I see anymore paint-by-numbers South masala remakes that make it into the 100 Crore Club I will just have to shave Taran Adarsh’s head for coining that phrase (was it him?).

When it’s good, masala can be deliciously enjoyable – but it’s the cashing in mentality that’s driving me nuts. Same goes for “sequels” and remakes – ENOUGH!

Man-Boobs Of The Year: Tusshar Kapoor


Oh yes, I did THAT to you again too.

New Kids Of The Year

For me the SOTY Trio plus one Diana Penty made the most impact – I think they are prepped and primed and ready to make more waves in big bad commercial Bollywood.

There’s also Arjun Kapoor who I feel is going to have to struggle a bit if he’s faced with competition like Varun. Ayushmann is great too but limited as far as the types of roles he can do. Ileana D’cruz and Yami Gautam were good but I get the feeling they may not have the easiest time getting a foothold in B-town.

Overall, it was a great year for new talent though.

What A Year For Women!

GF Pics14

One knockout performance after another but my favorites were -

Sridevi in English Vinglish (effortlessly magical, effortlessly authentic)

Rani Mukherjee in Aiyyaa and Talaash (from comedy to tragedy, she just rocks – period)

Vidya Balan in Kahaani (this woman can do no wrong)

Kareena Kapoor in Talaash and Heroine (just her, not the movie plus if last year Bebo was just Khan Arm Candy, this year she matured as Mrs. KKK and came into her own as an actress)

Deepika Padukone in Cocktail (breakout performance, breakout year)

Beyond Herogiri

GF Pics16

..and our male stars proving that box office success can be had without getting on the masala bandwagon – not only that, but some really stellar acting from our big stars , starting with -

Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath (could literally feel the character’s pain in every scene)

Ranbir Kapoor in Barfi (charming, charming, charming)

Aamir Khan in Talaash (intense, quiet yet so impactful)

Shahrukh Khan in Jab Tak Hai Jaan (pure magic)

Nawazuddin Siddique in Kahaani, Talaash (and I’m assuming GOW2, which I haven’t seen – a pataka in every film)

Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath and Student Of The Year (the range between Rauf Lala and the Dean boggles the mind)

Salman Khan in Ek Tha Tiger (a refreshing change of pace reminding us that there is a versatile Salman Khan beyond the Bhai image)

Emraan Hashmi in Shanghai (I’ve always believed he was a great actor unfairly stereotyped in Bhatt-land, and this was the film that proved it)

Villainy Rules


It was a great year for evil shenanigans thanks in no small part to Agneepath which gave us two of the most iconic villains of this generation. Rauf Lala and Bob Biswas (from Kahaani) sent chills down our spines with their quiet, evil menace but it was Sanjay Dutt’s bald-headed, freakishly bulky Kaancha that was the best thing to happen to Bollywood villainy since Gabbar Singh and Mogambo.

Now how about that? Chulbul versus Kaancha? Since Dabangg 2 clearly never got the Villainy Memo.

WTF Director Of The Year: Shakun Batra

Oh yes, I know I could be picking on Madhur Bhandarkar here but the thing is, we all agree he is Hack No. 1. But it was the unanimous praise for Shakun Batra’s juvenile, look-at-me-I’m-directing turn for Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu that really pissed me off. It was very simply put, a poorly directed film. Period. And I fail to understand how critics couldn’t see that.

WTF Movies Of The Year

Ishaqzaade: Just. No.


Dangerous Ishhhhqqqqq 3D: We can file that one under Crimes Against Karishma Kapoor. And Gracy Singh.

GetFilmy’s Favorite Movies Of The Year

GF Pics8

1. Student Of The Year (pure filmy Bollywood fun)

2. Agneepath (Hindi, Bollywood masala, a true tale of good vs evil and revenge as revenge should be)

3. Kahaani (the suspense thriller to beat all suspense thrillers, cleverly woven, brilliantly enacted)

4. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Shahrukh, Shahrukh, Shahrukh – that is all)

5. Aiyyaa (Rani, Prithvi and the best deconstruction of filmy romance I’ve ever seen)

6. Talaash (ONLY for the performances, each one better than the next)

7. Ek Tha Tiger (because Salman is Salman)

….and yeah, I’m gonna leave it at 7 because….I can.

And yes! You saw that right, SOTY is on top because it’s everything I’ve always loved about Bollywood re-packaged for 2012 and it was perfect.

Man Of The Year: Karan Johar

Between Agneepath and Student Of The Year, the birthday party, sequined bow-tie and his awesome interviews (I’ll forgive one EMAET) – there is no doubt that Dharma Productions is the studio to beat right now. Leaving YRF way behind in the dust, Dharma has a keener eye for new directorial talent and a versatility that YRF, whose films have a very  machine-generated factory feel to them,  doesn’t manage to convey.

Dharma’s slate continues to grow with the ginormous project that is The Immortals of Meluha which, if all goes well, may be a huge turning point for Hindi cinema. Karan’s next directorial venture (a period romance which may possibly star Ranbir and Aishwarya and ugh, Katrina but there’s no avoiding this now) promises to be epic. Throw in a small, edgy Balaji co-production starring Emraan Hashmi and the Ranbir-Deepika starrer Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and I would say that Dharma is leagues ahead of its competitors.

And of course, the guy at the helm of all this is Karan Johar. What makes him unique I think is that he knows how to toe the line between the new Bollywood and the old, displaying a keen understanding of both – and that makes him the ideal guy to take Bollywood forward.

Et Voila!

That is all folks! It was a fantastic year, a breakout year for Bollywood as far as box office revenue and versatility of content, where “mainstream” was re-defined and one memorable character after another hit the screens.

Here’s looking forward to lots more creative uses of facial hair in 2013 (starting, not the least, with Imran Khan in Matru Ki Blah Blah Blah Blah).

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10 comments on “2012: The Year That Was

  1. Stole the words right out of my mouth…and said them better than I could (like always). ;)
    And hell yes for KJo and SOTY! Definitely my highlights of the year, as well! :)

  2. Great writeup! I am totally digging all the ishq-waala-love KJo is getting in this post. I think 2012 was the year I unreservedly boarded KJO and Ranbir trains (and those TBIP interviews had quite a bit to do with that, I suspect!)

    Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised by ETT. I forgot how well Salman does the “vulnerable in love” thing. The film was definitely not perfect, but if Bollywood’s going to do masala, I feel like ETT and the first Dabanng (and Agneepath? I haven’t watched that one) are the more organic direction to go in. The first two films had something for the audience members who were not hardcore fans of the leading man.

    Ooh, ooh, do a list of the films you’re most looking forward to in 2013 next! :D

    • Sal,

      Oh yes I’ve always been a bit of a KJo buff but I’ve been truly impressed with how he’s handling Dharma now and as you know SOTY just made me a virtual fangirl. (Is that a thing, can KJo have fangirls?) Ranbir on the other hand, like I’m ready to have his babies and everything – THAT is fangirling like mad territory.

      Salman does the love thing incredibly well, he displayed that even in Dabangg2. DO watch Agneepath, I think you’ll like it – it’s just classic, gritty 90s masala slickly updated and I think the performances will blow your mind. Plus you may understand my KJo love a bit more too, because it’s so wildly different from his sensibilities, yet he knows how to back such a project and do justice to it.

      Hehe, your wish, my command! Will try and do the 2013 list soon! :D

  3. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this summary of 2012. It’s nicely written Getfilmy. I love the way you write your post. It’s not beat around the bushes type but rather straight direct to the point.

    That matching plaid shirt still got me laughing everytime I see it. What’s the latest updates about them two by the way? :)

    • diwaniladki,

      Thank you! And I have NO idea what’s up with Neil & Sonal these days. Last I heard, she denied that anything was going on, and then he denied that anything was going on even though he had already declared his love for her publicly….now that they have a movie coming up for release, I’m sure we’ll get at least some drama from them! :)

  4. Ha! Love this post, some good belly laughs and lots of great ideas of what I should watch next (and perhaps avoid). Thanks!

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