SRK’s Most Masterful 8 Minutes

So I know this is soooooooo not the point of SRK’s mooh-tod karara jawab to the psychos but is it just me or is he unbelievably seksy when he’s angry + brilliant + classy all in one go?


Also, he says very important things that are worth listening to when you’re done drooling over him.

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6 comments on “SRK’s Most Masterful 8 Minutes

  1. Lol I second every word you just said! He is DELICIOUS!

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!! His speech was lucid eloquent and brave…….and yes he did looks absolutely yummy!!

  3. I just watched it for the 2nd time. This man…damn.

  4. <<<>>>> I love you for these lines Getfilmy.
    … and its not just you dear, not just you….watching him gave me goosebumps. He was just Tooooo HOT to handle

  5. hold on did he just smack down the whole room?? did he just make them his bi#%$? Who’s the daddy, who’s the daddy…. all i can say is Srk was BAwSS

  6. If you haven’t already seen this piece on Shah Rukh that’s just come out in Tehelka…


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