Reader Comments On Romancing The Khans, Katrina Kaif & Race 2′s Metagossipy Climax

One of the best things about having a blog is getting awesomely awesome comments from readers. Though I can never hope to compete with the entertainment gold mine that is the Pinkvilla Comments Section, I do get a comment every now and then that I fall in love with. I’d hate to see them get lost in the comments thread or on the timeline so I present them here for posterity – and for entertainment of course.

Romancing The Khans 

GF Pics20

After I wrote my Maine Pyar Kiya flashback piece, many of you totally floored me by telling me about your own experiences with that film. Later a twitter discussion with die-hard Salman fans led to this stunning observation by Moimeme about how the 3 Khans romance their heroines.

After going through the filmographies of all three Khans, I characterized their approach to love scenes as follows.

SRK: I love *you*.

Salman: I *love* you.

Aamir: *I* love you. :)

Basically, I felt that SRK’s focus was all on making the woman of the moment feel extra special, Salman’s was on commitment, and Aamir’s was that the woman should be grateful that such an exalted being as himself deigned to take notice of her. :D

HAHAHA. Isn’t that just genius? And it’s so true, if you do a quick brain scan of the Khan filmography, you have to agree that the formula fits!

SRK is known for making a woman feel like she’s the most beautiful thing in existence both in his films and when he’s interacting with fans. Salman’s romantic films focus less on the woman and more on maintaining the honor & integrity of the relationship (and his commitment to relationships of all kinds in real life is by now legendary). While Aamir’s stuff is…well, mostly about Aamir both on film and off it.

On Katrina, Seriously



My silly post on Bollywood Bahus garnered reactions of all sorts on both twitter and in the comments and soon the discussion ventured into more serious waters as we focused on the merits and demerits of Ms. Kaif.

Everyone, of course, is entitled to their opinion. But it is a tad bit unfair to be accused of things like “jealousy” or “racism”  or “what’s the big deal if she can’t speak Hindi?” just because one happens to not be under La Kaif’s spell.

There’s a big difference between being a Bollywood star and being a Hindi film heroine. And while I feel Katrina does love Bollywood as an industry and is almost clinically professional and media-savvy, she still displays no real understanding of Hindi films.

I’ve been a Katrina supporter in the past and have lauded her achievements because as a foreigner it’s no mean feat to achieve what she has in Bollywood. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she was a struggler (though how much one “struggles” with Salman & Akshay’s backing is questionable), overlooking her transgressions in diction and acting, praising her professionalism, her earnestness and her cute attempts at Hindi.

But when you’re playing in the big leagues, expectations change. Katrina is no poor, struggling outsider now – she holds the reigns, she is on top. And IMO she just isn’t delivering what she needs to at this stage of the game.

Anyway, one of my favorite commenters, Sal, puts it eloquently in a comment that mirrors many of my issues with her.

The sad bit about this whole Katrina thing is that when we look back at this particular era of Bollywood twenty years from now and realize that the top Hindi film actress – the successor to Hema, Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri, and Rani – was a female who couldn’t speak the language, had limited acting skills and very little personality, and looked increasingly and frighteningly mannequin-esque.

As I said earlier, I am less ragey about her now, since I liked her in ZNMD and JTHJ, but what bothers me is when good filmmakers cast her over scores of talented, beautiful women in meaty, dramatic, coveted roles that she clearly cannot handle yet. Can you imagine if they’d cast Tina Munim in Chaalbaaz? Or Neelam in Beta? It’s that sort of – I almost want to say injustice – of it all that rankles me. They’re asking her to play Madhubala, they’re selling her as this iconic beauty.

Her good luck is clearly not her fault. But what bothers me, and plenty of people, I suspect, is that she rarely seems to be trying to be worthy of that success. Even Marilyn Monroe went to acting classes so that she could learn the craft after becoming a huge star, (never mind, for now, how the Strasbergs messed her up!)

But is Katrina that much better at the language, at her craft, at grasping the nuances of the medium in which she works after almost five years of being one of the industry’s biggest stars? I am not sure she is. She’s cashing in, and no one can blame her for cashing in, but it’s a little disheartening to realize that the biggest female actor at a certain moment in Bollywood’s history is a woman who seems to have very little love for the movies and is ostensibly here to make her money and run after her time is up.

I mean, good for Katrina – she is the most impressive long con that Bollywood has pulled off.

(A lot of assumptions here, I know, but I’m working from what I’m seeing.)

EVEN MORE Racey Race Gossip

I’m sorry if I seem to be hung up on Race 2, it’s just that the deeper you dig, the more cheese comes out.

If you haven’t seen Race 2 you NEED to, for many reasons, but primarily for the Abbas-Mustan trump card which was the John-Bipasha-Saif relationship breakdown in the by now epic Doorless Airplane Climax. It is sure to be discussed in film theory classes all over India – what were they really thinking?

In order to appreciate the true depth of the meta going on in Race 2, you need to read the comment below from Amrita who, despite her enviable gossip-swag, does more respectable things with her time like write about Bengali films on the awesomely named Bongalong blog. Psh, and you thought Abbas-Mustan were superficial dimwits? No no. Read on.

Okay, let me impress you with my memory for long forgotten bits of gossip re: the Saif vs. John pout-off.

I seem to remember faint rumblings that during the last Race, Bipasha was getting mighty tired of John and his wandering… er, eye. And she was looking for a replacement. Guess who she wanted? GUESS KARO! Yes, Saif and Bips were on the rebound.

Sadly for Bips, she had to put her nifty Begum outfits away when Bebo decided she wanted the role instead (damn you KJo!) and she eked it out with John for a while longer. In my head all John can hear when he looks at Saif is Bipasha extolling His Highness’ virtues. In areas. Ahem.

Race Behind The Scenes and Race The Franchise has provided me with SO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT that I don’t even mind if this crap makes 100 crores. For me, it was total paisa vasool and HOW.

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9 comments on “Reader Comments On Romancing The Khans, Katrina Kaif & Race 2′s Metagossipy Climax

  1. I’m normally a defender of Kat, at least from the “more power to her” point of view. She has worked ruthlessly hard to get where she is, and been prepared to do whatever it it takes to stay there, even if that meant turning her face into a puffy plastic nightmare. BUT, the photo you posted is one that gives me nightmares! Just the thought of her
    desecrating the memory of the incomparable Waheedaji is enough to induce a flash of the Kat rage that so many share. I don’t know who could do my favourite filmi heroine of yore justice, but I know who couldn’t!

    • I think Waheeda came on Simi Garewal’s show a number of years ago and said that she’d like Madhuri to play her in a biopic. Of course, Madhuri herself (as much as I love her, and I love her SO much) seems to have gotten some unfortunate things done to that gorgeous face. :(

  2. I’m so flattered, Getfilmy! My dil is all garden-garden right now! <3

    • Sal – as I said you are my moooosshhhht favorite commenter, so if your dil is garden garden then mission accomplished! :D

      Right you are, even Mads is very plasticky these days, not just her face, but even some of the stuff she wears on the red carpet and don’t even get me started on her tweets. But I’m certain that in front of the camera, she’ll turn that megawatt Madhuri charm right back on.

      Sri, in my opinion, manages to be both classy and filmy in equal measure – loving her to death even more now than before.

  3. Moimeme’s three shades of love theory is so true. I’d say those are the three ‘classic’ approaches to love. Perhaps a more contemporary iteration in the romcom era might be

    I love you?

  4. That formula of how the Khans love is so spot-on!

    After all these years, Katrina could have grasp some Hindi words na but I guess she still chooses to be all I-know-and-understand-Hindi-but-I-won’t-speak-Hindi *sigh*

  5. Nice observation!! Shah’s is still the best though ;)
    and yes let’s throw Kat out!! and the fact she is may be there in HNY is even scarier …

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