Where have I beeeeen? Hai na?

What about the Bollywood? And Anil-Akshay’s CHAMCHAgate (copyright @bogeyno2)? And the endless permutation combinations of Ranveer-Anushka-Deepika-Ranbir-Katrina? And SRK being off twitter because apparently he’s preparing to marry PC? What about the YJHD trailer and the Lootera trailer and where are the reviews of Special 26 and Kai Po Che? And what about that one time Bhai tweeted Hi and everybody died?! Also PC’s BOOB GUN moves in Babli Badmaash!

Kya bataoon. Life happens. And it blows your mind and you’re really, honestly one day like SRK WHO?!

Okay, not really. SRK is always dil mein but I mean, just sometimes things happen that puts everything in perspective and you get answers to questions you’ve been asking since forever and you just can’t really go back to being as vela as you used to be spending endless amounts of time obsessing over Alia Bhatt’s armpits (SERIOUSLY, whoever keeps searching my blog for this STOP and MOVE ON - aur bhi ghum hai zamane mein TRUST ME).

Armpits aside, the best BEST thing about blogging are the readers and I miss that aspect of it the most but it does take some serious energy to wade through the canon of genius that is the Bollywood media and hopefully break it down for you so that you can do the only appropriate thing there is to do which is LAUGH. But mentally I just don’t have that focus anymore. :(

That’s not to say that I’m done with filmy shilmy baatein. I’m on twitter (lighted diya, awaiting the return of SRK) and I’ll probably be on there a lot more as far as tooting the horn of my VERY important opinion on all things Bolly and maybe life in general. Unless there’s something really, specifically important I want to say, or I want to non-review a movie, I probably won’t be blogging here on the regular anymore.  I mean, you never know – but the way it’s looking right now, it’s highly doubtful. It’s not so much that I’ve lost interest in Bollywood (heavens forbid!!), it’s just that I don’t have as much focus and energy to dedicate to the blog at this time.

Anyway, I’m gonna leave it with this bit of dialog from The Last Samurai. It’s a bit esoteric but it’s the best summation I can think of for my state of mind right now.

Katsumoto: You think a man can change his destiny?

Algren: I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.


PS – If for whatever reason any of you guys need to contact me for like EMERGENCY SRK GOSSIP then you’re more than welcome to e-mail me at getfilmy29@gmail.com.

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10 comments on “HIATUS: WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  1. Damn. Your blogs have always been super fun to read. Eitherway, best of luck with whatever you’re going to do.

  2. shyaa evryone doin the same thing these days..
    Will miss ur blog…

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :( I am lighting my own diya for your return, Filmy-ji. :(

  4. Nahinnnnnnn…. :(( Where will I go for bolly gossip and discussions now….

    But I’m keeping faith that you’ll come back as you use the word hiatus.. Thank goodness you’re not going off twitter!

    As I’ve said before, I LOVE your blog and your way of writing. But the bestest blog ever has to be that revisit of Salman Khan and Maine Pyaar Kiya! ♥♥♥

  5. :(
    Everything is going wrong!!
    *sob sob *

  6. Love reading your blogs, will miss you.

  7. Oh no whats happening to the virtual world all people(you, SRK, CilemaSnob & more) whose writing I love to read have stopped :((

  8. Chalo koi nai, take your time. But please resume writing whenever you feel inspired or you are positively charged up. I enjoy reading your posts and interacting with you! And when Sarook is back, you HAVE TO dance on Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka, ok?! ;-)

  9. will miss you,but I TOTALLY understand….akin to writers block..you need a break to refresh ur mind…but ur tweets are interesting and spiritual

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