The Yash Chopra – SRK Teaser, Ek Tha Tiger Early Reports, PC-Satyagraha & Talaash Sabotage!!

The Yash-Chopra-SRK Teaser


I totally won’t lie people I am teased, I am SO SO teased by this teaser because for me Yash Chopra will never be a punchline – his films pretty much define my entire childhood and adolescence. Just look at this montage of epically unforgettable cinema – Amitabh in that sleeveless white tee from Kaala Patthar, Dilip Kumar pleading for someone to stop and help his dying wife in Mashaal, Rakhee & Shashi in that iconic suhaag raat sequence from Kabhi Kabhi or SRK himself terrifying us with that maniacal stammer in Darr (trust me, it was scary in 1993).

And then, the few glimpses we catch of the new (still untitled) movie – all sarcasm & concerns about the NRI romance, the London setting, the cliches, the age differences, even the pink shirt vanish in an instant because come what may, no matter what he does off-screen there is still very little to beat the magical anticipation of Shahrukh Khan in a brand-spankin’-new-movie from the House Of Yash Raj.

It just makes you happy. Pure and simple. Maybe it doesn’t generate the kind of feverish excitement that a Bhai film does, but where a Salman movie is pure adrenaline, a Shahrukh movie (for me) is pure comfort, pure happiness, pure magic.

I really hope the story lives up to Yash Chopra’s legend, and from what we’ve already heard, there’s no question that Rahman’s music in combination with Gulzar’s lyrics (he is THE modern day Ghalib) is going to knock our socks off.

ETT Reports

Predictably and awesomely, Ek Tha Tiger has already obliterated all previous opening day figures. I’ve pretty much kept review-reading to a minimum but just to keep the balance I read the one by Mihir Fadnavis and the one by Taran Adarsh. You know, the yin and the yang of Bollywood film reviews. I find that reading one and then reading the other sets your brain back to neutral in preparation for movie watching.

Apart from the two polar opposites, tweets have been mostly positive. Some are complaining that there isn’t enough Bhai-ism in the film, others are appreciating the balance of masala and realism. Katrina’s been appreciated a lot, apparently even out-shining Salman in some of the action scenes. Some think there wasn’t enough action, others are loving the love story. The primary complaint is, once again, the story/screenplay.

One thing’s for sure – it really doesn’t matter what we (as in people who write about movies and stuff) think. It is a monster-storm at the box office. I’m watching it later today and CAN.NOT.WAIT.

PC Isn’t Angling For All Of Bebo’s Projects

Taran Adarsh confirmed that the final cast for Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha is Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor. There was a story that came out recently about how Priyanka expressed her interest in the project directly to Jha but -

“Priyanka is neck-deep in shooting for ‘Krrish 3’ and the schedule for her international pop album requires her to hop back and forth between India and the US. She also has a couple of other projects on the anvil — the promotions for ‘Barfi!’ then ‘Zanjeer’. Where’s the time to angle for projects?” [Source]

So there, Daddy’s Lil Girl is busy doing stuff and isn’t interested in all the projects she’s not being considered.

Besides, who cares about Satyagraha, truly? It’s clear that the success of Raajneeti went to Jha’s head and I have a feeling his lineup of forthcoming films (and there are many) are going to be more in paint-by-numbers-skim-the-surface Aarakshan territory. You know you drank the Bhatt Brand koolaid when you’ve got Raajneeti 2 and Gangaajal 2 in the pipeline.

Talaash Sabotage!!

Well, someone is out to get Talaash. There have been so many weird stories that have surface around it in the last month or two!

First, there was the weird rumor about Rajnikanth doing an item number for 15 crores, then the story about the fight between Aamir and Reema Kagti, murmurs about the loss of interest in the film due to the delayed release, and now the latest bizarre piece about how advance booking for tickets have already commenced with the release still 3 months away!

Actually, I think Joginder Tuteja and Subhash K. Jha might have a bone to pick with Aamir or something. Most of the rumors/articles have been started by them. What gives?

Independence Day Special Tweet Of The Day

That’s right. Fardeen Khan is going into production. What better to boost the nation’s rep?

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9 comments on “The Yash Chopra – SRK Teaser, Ek Tha Tiger Early Reports, PC-Satyagraha & Talaash Sabotage!!

  1. Way to sum up exactly how I felt when I watched that teaser. I grew up with Yash Chopra. I was obsessed with Lamhe from when I was three, and Rekha in Silsila was the last word in glamour for me. Even his masala movies have this gravitas and polish, a Yash-Chopra-ness, a “thehraav.” Though I don’t know how this film will fare with an audience who equates that sort of “thehraav” with “pakaao”, I am sold on “a Yash Chopra romance” (am I the only one who kinda loves that nobody knows what this thing is called yet?). All my apprehensions and misgivings sort of went “poof” when I watched that teaser. Still not sold on Katrina, but very, very psyched for the movie.

    • Sal,
      OMG, I DIE for Lamhe, one of my all time favorites and Silsila is just timeless magic, my earliest memories. You’re so right about “thehraav” as well, most people these days just don’t have the patience and then the old timey directors have to compensate for it by changing up their styles. Really loving how Anushka and SRK look in this teaser, Kat – we’ll have to see. :)

    • Sal. wow! You echo my feelings word for word! the gravitas, the untitled-ness, the yash chopra trademark–i love it! all of it! And i harbour apprehensions about Katrina as well. I think she looks as perfect as a Barbie, but nothing more, nothing less. Not sure if she would really be a value addition on the acting front..

      • Yay! I am glad others feel the same way I do! I think Katrina’s casting seems especially egregious when you see her perfectly expressionless face after those vivid shots of Madhuri, Sridevi, Rekha, et al. The quintessential Yash Chopra heroine is known both for her inimitable glamous/screen-presence and her ability to make what could otherwise be a gauzy construct come alive. I am really nervous about Katrina in this film.

  2. I said this to Asim earlier but I’m just not a romantic at heart. I enjoyed KKHH and DDLJ and all the rest well enough but they didn’t stay with me.

    I have to admit that I am MUCH more excited for Student of the Year than this. Give me a good high school movie over a romance any day. ;P (Why, yes, I did see “Prom” and “High School Musical” in the theater!)

    Re Pee Cee there was that article about her manhunting for Hrithik but it didn’t get picked up by the wider press. I guess even the gossip rags are tired of Piggy’s dating life.

    And PS did you see Sid yapping about Dippy and the giving this choice quote?


    “I can’t pretend to be enamored by Bollywood movies, though I am being offered roles in Bollywood all the time. I got my first Bollywood offer when I was 17. If I wanted I could have been a Bollywood actor years ago. But sorry, I’ll pass.”

    D-bag straight from central casting!! LOL!

    • FG,

      Yeah I know that especially the YC brand of romance is not your thing – but his films for me have a lot more depth and intensity than anything either his son or KJo have come up with. He used to make very mature love stories, but as generations have gotten more immature, his love stories began reflecting those generations. Wouldn’t fault him though, more a sign of the times.

      And OMG, I’ve been reading random things re Sid Mallya (he’d always be there for Dippy) but WHATEVER is all I have to say. I mean seriously, what does he do other than reap the benefits of his Dad’s money and preen for photographers all day long? Why would anyone be interested in his opinion on ANYTHING?! D-bagmaxx!!

  3. Sal: precisely! A yash chopra heroine lights up the screen! Remember DTPH? karisma, madhuri: BOTH rendered such fine, believable performances. I feel Anushka will be the better actress in this one by a mile, and that she will hold her own just like Karisma did in DTPH. You’re absolutely spot on about the contrast between Madhuri/Sridevi etc and Katrina. She has the glamour thing going, but the acting? eh. Let’s just hope for a miracle! Let’s hope Yash Chopra could inspire her to show more than her insipid, monotonous pretty-girl-same-expressions-throughout face!

  4. the contrasting Ek tha tiger reviews are hilarious! I went into ETT dying to have a good time, but was shocked. It was fine, but I can’t understand the hype, its not dabangg … and it felt like a tv show, the movie is so short, I’m shocked. I felt like all major things happened in a minute each and then the movie was done. Maybe its the new business model to get more shows in during the first week. It was an utterly disappointing experience.

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