Joker Alien Watch, SRK Fever, Chakravyuh Trailer, & Halkat Jawani!!

The Joker Aliens Stalk Mannat, Again

Via Twitter

So SRK stepped out of his home to promote Joker which was quite magnanimous of him given that neither the film’s director nor it’s lead actors nor anyone other than poor Farah Khan is willing to promote it.

I kind of love this little Joker Promo round up from NDTV:

Akshay Kumar, who was recently seen at the finale of children’s dance reality show Dance India Dance Li’l Masters, promoted his other home production Oh My God, which is releasing much later. There was not a word about Joker at all. He is also busy shooting for his other home production with Himesh Reshammiya.

Sonakshi Sinha: She was also seen at one reality show to promote the film. Though Akshay was in town, he didn’t come along.

And finally:

Shirish Kunder: The director is not in touch with anyone, living day in and day out in a post-production studio finishing the film.

Still finishing the film? Or just hiding? Anyway, it’s kind of hard to have faith in a movie that Akshay is not willing to promote, despite being a co-producer. But the lack of a PR drive might work in its favor I guess in that it gives us less opportunities to make fun of it.

And while SRK was suckered into posing with the aliens for Farah-love, Salman who is riding high on ETT’s EPIC box office (nearly 50 cr in 2 days flat with the Eid weekend yet to come) has wisely managed not to be seen with them as yet.

SRK Fever

I am so ready for the next couple of months to be taken over by the promo-drive for the new Yash Chopra movie – just can’t resist. That’s probably still a few weeks away but SRK has been in and around town for various product launches and talked at length about working with Yash Chopra in this interview. And he looks refreshed, relaxed and happy for a change.

I also re-watched the TFR interview with Anupama Chopra which I had a lot of issues with primarily because SRK’s focus on where he sees Hindi films going in the next decade is so influenced by Hollywood. His concerns and theories were more reflective of the privileged classes (the ones who would rather watch Spiderman than be caught dead watching Rowdy Rathore)  than on the tastes of the masses who clearly still prefer re-packaged, old-fashioned masala.

But on the second viewing, I thought, I guess that’s okay. After all, everyone doesn’t need to be making masala (given that 80% of the industry is now busy doing exactly that), and there’s no reason why we can’t push the boundaries of filmmaking and storytelling by introducing genres that haven’t worked all that well in Bollywood before. But there’s a huge gap between vision and execution, and it’s a long bridge to cross before we can have content that is groundbreaking and commercial without losing the desiness of emotions which is, apart from song and dance, the defining trademark of Hindi films.

SRK’s primary concern is for the future, not the present and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 50 years ahead of us in where he sees things going. Whether he’s buying books on cinema or investing money he doesn’t have on technology, he’s thinking about the film industry that he’s going to leave behind for his kids. And at the end of it all, despite being a superstar and having the freedom to pick from the biggest, massiest projects circulating around B-town, our King Khan is still harboring the indie spirit in his heart.

I guess I’m cool with that. This is the new SRK, and in the current B-town climate it’s not always an easy fit. He isn’t focused on what the masses want, he’s focused on what the Hindi film industry is going to stand for in a few decades (hopefully it’ll be something more than a stable for remakes). For every “safe” film he does, he’s thinking about re-investing that money into “unsafe” projects, untapped and unpopular genres even if it means making a fool of himself all over again.

I have to say, I kind of respect that. Maybe Ra.One didn’t match his vision, but I really do admire that he still doesn’t want to take the easy route, despite the nightmare he went through for that film.

So when you ask me what drives me, it’s really none of the five top things: profit, fame, the quest for excellence and perfection, wanting to do better than I did last time, or just because this is what I do. I think it is something as basic as, feeling good about what you do.

People criticise you because their analysis of your success from exterior forces is based on the five peripherals. And I explain that yes, I lost money on RaOne but it feels good, and I will make it again. I could not have done RaOne 20 years back, but now I can afford to do it, and lose a bit of money if I need to, as long as it felt right.

I think the numbers create a finish line. I’ve made Rs 100 crore; should I aim for, Rs 150 crore or 200 crores next? If you ask me, ‘Your film has done 100 crores are you happy?’ I’ll say I am not, I did not make everyone feel good. Numbers are like pet dogs, they will follow. But if you follow numbers, I do not think you’ll get far.

-SRK [The Economic Times Interview]

In an industry where more and more people are making “brands” and “projects” and re-hashing the 100 cr formula, it’s nice to see someone who still harbors the pioneering spirit.

Chakravyuh Trailer

Speaking of branding, Prakash Jha has made Rajneeti again.

Or Aarakshan again.

And the trailer is soooo long, it practically reveals the entire film.

Jha has hit upon a formula of presenting socio-political films in a shiny, glossy package with big shiny stars when he made Rajneeti (which I quite enjoyed) and now he’s going to repeat that ad nauseum with less than half the impact of his earlier films. If Aarakshan was anything to go by, along with the titles of his upcoming projects, it’s safe to say that Jha – once an important filmmaker – has become a sellout just like Bhatt and RGV.


Bebo looks smokin’ hot in this but I am really, really disappointed by Ganesh Acharya’s choreography. Definitely one of his worst, given that he brought the house down with Chikni Chameli. I mean, I don’t know all that much about dance choreography, but the signature Halkat Jawani step is like….really anti-climactic.

But the costumes, Bebo’s one-of-a-kind nakhras and the crazy-toned mid-riff maybe kind of makes up for the lackluster choreography. She deserved better because this item number is nowhere near creating the kind of furor of a Sheila, Munni and Chikni.

Then again, she’s Bebo. She really doesn’t need an item number.

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14 comments on “Joker Alien Watch, SRK Fever, Chakravyuh Trailer, & Halkat Jawani!!

  1. “So when you ask me what drives me… I think it is something as basic as, feeling good about what you do.”
    I love this man.

  2. Are the aliens…a salad? I see a pumpkin and a sort of cauliflower/broccoli hybrid.

    • Yes Beth, they are indeed a…let’s see not a salad probably more like a vegetable curry..? Farah named each vegetable in some interview but pumpkin is the only one I remember. And don’t forget, in the movie they’ll light up like Big B’s electro-coat from Yaarana!! :D

  3. I LOLed so hard at Beth’s comment. SRK looks adorable in that video. Keep the hair, both on your head and face, neat and trimmed, Mr. Khan. NO MORE BANGS. He sounds good, too – pleasant and affable.
    I was let down by the signature step in Halkat Jawaani, too. Where’s the dancing? She’s just standing in place, giving some sort of imaginary hula hoop a whirl. But nobody these days does the adaas and nakhraas like Bebo. She is the only reason I have any goodwill toward this film. Bhandarkar is a hack.

    • Sal,

      Eee, nothing makes me happier than stubbly-SRK! No more bangs and no more ponytail!!

      Really hate the HJ signature step but Bebo’s got some great expressions in this vid (except for a few crazy-eyes moments). She looks amazing. Bhandarkar is a total hack but I can’t wait to see her in the movie.

  4. I don’t think Kareena’s a particularly good dancer, and the choreography isn’t helping. I think in all future projects she should have Karisma dance in all her songs.

    • Jess,

      Agree Lolo is definitely a better dancer. I can’t even remember any memorable dancey dances from Bebo, but she was pretty awful in that mujra number in Agent Vinod.

  5. oh, getfilmy. shah rukh is just something else, isn’t he? :)

  6. Ganesh Acharya probably thought he had 3 to 5 days to figure out a signature move before Bebo put her I don’t rehearse foot down. :) I want to see Prabhudeva choreograph Bebo. Bebo as a dancer has no real fluidity but she has a natural filmi expressiveness and enthusiasm that can be channeled with the right choreography and camera angles. There was promise in that 20 second cameo in Chinta Ta Chita. Farah Khan is another one who seems to know how to work with Bebo. Yeah Bebo was overshadowed by Hrithik but she got her to move naturally in K3G.

    I disagree this side of Shahrukh is new. This seems like a return to the abrasiveness that was his trademark before the Karan Johar makeover happened. Also, even at his NRI peak, he was open about the fact that action is where his heart belonged. Shahrukh doesn’t get enough credit for experimenting especially in his home productions (mainly cos none of them worked) but he desperately needs a partner who understands filmmaking. This is the guy who has openly said he has no instinct for whether a script is good or not. I think he is on the right track with his whole there is no reason Indian special effects should lag behind Western ones crusade but he needs somebody like Rakesh Roshan who can then convert that into a really good film. You need a really good movie that elevates the desi emotions with nuanced storytelling to get the public to embrace a genre and kickstart a movement. Ghajini and Dabangg were very well-crafted masala movies with tight screenplays. Same thing with DDLJ that spawned the NRI romances.

    I think Anupama Chopra as a critic is a total hack. But her interviews with the 3 khans is probably what I would show people to explain their star personas.

    • Deeps,

      Ooh yeah Bebo with PD would be interesting but I think she’s more suited to the Farah Khan type of dancing like you said, or things like the Bebo Main Bebo song in Kambakht Ishq. I mean, SHE’s the main attraction more than the dance, you know?

      Totally agree re everything you said about Shahrukh. Yeah, it’s not “new” but it’s a side that he hasn’t sort of expressed or been as vocal about prior to Ra.One – and I just admire the fact that despite the Ra.One backlash, he’s still holding strong to the idea of experimenting even in the whole 100 cr masala environment that B-town is in lately. I SO wish he could find a good screenwriter with filmy sensibilities (sigh, maybe me someday LOLz) because that always seems to be his downfall. But his ideas are always top-notch.

      I’ve always said that I think KJo did more damage to SRK than good and I’m glad Shahrukh’s moving out of that box now. I do know that he’s always expressed more interest in action than romance. And even when you think about projects like Asoka and Paheli – they’re so different, experimental. Adore him for trying and fingers crossed that one of these days his home productions will knock it out of the park just the way he envisions.

      • That is why It’s rocking is my favorite Kareena item number. Combines Queen Bebo being faaaab with actual dance moves.

        They really should hire all of us – write their movies, choreograph their songs. And I love KJo esp now that he finally seems to have embraced his cheesy, glamour obsessed self in public and is finding his feet as a producer but may KJo and brand Shahrukh continue to go on their separate paths.

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