Ek Tha Tiger Hits 100 Crores In Five Freakin’ Days!!!

It’s not surprising but it’s still astounding – Ek Tha Tiger makes the fastest 100 crores in history, clocking in at just 5 days, with an epic opening day (32 cr) and a HUGE Sunday (23 cr). It’s a true testament to Salman’s sheer star power and I, for one am glad that a movie that ISN’T South masala and is devoid of Bhai-isms has done such huge business so quickly.

Because Ek Tha Tiger is definitely a pure Bollywood commercial film – everything from the Bourne-influenced action, the foreign locales, the characterization of the hero and the love story (complete with “dead people become stars in the sky” dialog) are ekdum Bombay masala. Though many reviews state that there’s no point critiquing/reviewing a Salman film I disagree with that. Ek Tha Tiger had a lot in it that could’ve been improved as a film, what you can’t critique is Salman’s sheer star charisma which carries any film good or bad.

But for that, you’d have to take commercial Bollywood seriously which most of our critics find incredibly difficult.

As an aside, though I never reviewed Bodyguard I might’ve been one of the very few people who saw great potential in that film too. If they’d just taken out (or reduced) the tremendously irritating Tsunami comedy track, and moved some of the plots points that were saved for the tail end further up in the script, it could’ve been a lovely throwback to the romance films of the 90s.

I know everyone goes gaga over Salman’s action stuff, but for me, if the action isn’t backed up by a well-told story it makes for a disjointed film. Even if it’s sheer Salman Khan spectacle, there’s no reason why the story has to fail. And by story, I don’t necessarily mean plot logic (after all, suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite for Bolly-viewers) – but more like an emotionally consistent character arc and storyline. That’s why Dabangg is like THE perfect neo-masala movie, along with Agneepath.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how Ek Tha Tiger fares in the week to come – this is the period that’s going to indicate whether the movie itself has repeat value. I can’t speak for everyone but even though the film is not a classic for me, I’d go watch it again just for Salman. I really enjoyed the restrained, subdued performance and think it’s one of his best in recent years. Many people only refer to and adore the brawny, almost cartoonish Salman post Wanted and don’t take him seriously as an actor, but the man did do a lot of serious films earlier on in his career. It’s not like he can’t pull it off – he just has to be interested enough.

So NOW the question is: will ETT manage 200 crores? My guess is a definite yes.

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5 comments on “Ek Tha Tiger Hits 100 Crores In Five Freakin’ Days!!!

  1. Salman is so artistic,and is really an emotionally intelligent human being, which is why I think he makes such a fine actor, but his focus is always wavering, and that, I think, is really the core reason why his performance is so hit and miss. Even though I am a die-hard fan, his lazy dance steps do look funny sometimes. In ETT, his dancing was perfect. It was laid back, and definitely not lazy. I am loving the new, revived Salman. He is interested in films. One more thing, you should really watch Lucky. I don’t know why it didn’t go big. If you just ignore the lead actress’s acting, and focus on Salman, you will find that he was really good in that film. I just love the love story. The story had passion. Salman was passionate. The way he looked at that girl, with the intensity that he portrays so well, my heart is beating just thinking about it. I’d love to hear what you think about the movie. It is one of my favorite Salman movies because he was soo good in it.

    • Kunsang,

      I did watch Lucky! Omg, that’s a film a lot of people forget to talk about na? Before Bhaimania it was, but I really enjoyed it start to finish (barring the casting of Sneha Ullal which was a little bit weird). Sal was very good in it and the passion in the story was engaging and believable, you’re very right. Gosh thanks for reminding me of it, I’m gonna have to re-watch it to refresh my memory! It also had some amazing music. :)

  2. Honestly speaking, I’ve never been a huge Salman fan, but you have to respect that he’s branded himself to a t. He is the go-to guy for the new Bollywood masala formula movies, with Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar trying so hard to follow suit. He’s completely left the romcom Sooraj Barjatya world, to become the action hero with a few comedy quips and the heart of gold. Ek Tha Tiger doesn’t change this formula much, it just made it on a larger scale.

    After watching the film, I have to admit that the first half bored me silly – so many plotholes, and the romance development between Salman and Katrina felt like it was written by a 5-year-old – but I quite enjoyed the second half, and the honest reflections it had on everyday life: “There are 202 countries in the world and you had to fall in love with a Pakistani girl?” It’s a hope that commercial films like this may open people’s minds a little, but maybe I’m just being optimistic :)

    • Shai,

      Yeah he’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, which is fine. But man, this phase in his career is phenomenal and pretty hard to ignore LOL. I’m interested to see if he’ll break out of the masala box now and stretch a bit – he is in fact doing Sooraj Barjatya’s next and seems pretty pumped about it.

      ETT had HUGE plot holes for sure, and I can’t believe they’re STILL peddling that “stars” dialog, the whole scene by the lake was lame. The script could’ve used a LOT of work but for me Salman’s charisma, and for many others, the brilliant action choreography seemed to cover up the holes enough to enjoy the film. Le sigh. We all know the script is hardly ever the main priority in B-town.

  3. ek tha tiger is rocking movie i like it

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