Shahrukh Khan As Samar in Yash Chopra’s Next, Salman-SRK Friendship Watch (Again) & The 100 Cr Haters!!

Okay peeps I am totally having a case of blog fatigue and can think of absolutely nothing interesting to say. Or Bollywood news is just exhausting me lately and the only thing I find interesting is Shahrukh and Salman about whom I could go on forever.

I’m sure you’ve already seen these photos like EVERYWHERE but I had to post these pictures on my blog coz what kind of SRK fan would I be without them?

Basically, Shahrukh Khan Is HAWT.

It’s been quite the emotional journey for yours truly from the initial pink shirt trauma to the fauji fatigues frenzy (oooh, bad case of alliteration) that were just revealed. When the first stills for this movie came out earlier this year, between Anushka’s helmet, Kat’s orange coat and the infamous pink shirt I was like ye kya ho gaya – a – a ?

But it turns out, sapna mera sach ho gaya starting with the mini-teaser and now these fauji shots are like the buttercream frosting to the whole Yash Chopra cake because SRK in uniform is the stuff of filmy dreams. I don’t care if he already played an Air Force pilot in Veer Zara, there can never be enough.

Anyway, we all know (or should know) that Yash Uncle is obsessed with men in uniform, there’s one in practically every film from Silsila to Darr, so whatever. He knows what works.

But now I’m really curious to see how SRK’s character manages to go from musician to fauji in this story – I think speculators may be as wrong about the film’s synopsis as they have been about the title.

And speaking of wrong titles….

Hmmm, looks like London’s Chief YRF Detective is still holding a grudge.

As to why SRK denied playing an army officer when he is in fact playing an army officer, meh whatever…… THE STUBBLE DOES NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN HIMSELF!

SRK-Salman Friendship Watch #2

Well, not friendship but at least mutual respect. Salman had a lot of nice things to say about Shahrukh in this interview with Omar Qureshi. I just love that he sort of jumped at the SRK question even though it was directed at Katrina (Omar was asking about the experience of working with Shahrukh in comparison to other heroes) – usually it’s like pulling teeth to get either Salman or Shahrukh to talk about each other.

SK: Shahrukh has got an immense amount of intensity in his work. He takes his work very seriously. He’s a competent and very spontaneous actor.

KK: Salman, I can answer this question for myself.

SK: No, it’s so you guys know that I don’t bitch him out. So this is from the bottom of my heart.

And continuing on his relationship with Shahrukh.

We don’t see eye to eye nowadays. We don’t talk. We stay very far away from each other. But there is a lot of respect for the kind of work that everybody does…The media has over-hyped our fight.

When God has given somebody so much respect, there’s no right for a human being to bring that person down.

And I hate it when people talk shit about him. I don’t like that at all because they want to take mileage out of this and they want a reaction which I don’t feel. Whatever has happened in the past is all forgotten.

Aww yayyy, now waiting for all reporters to start hounding Shahrukh for more soundbytes on Salman. FUN!

Anyway, it’s a pretty hilarious interview not the least because Salman calls Katrina’s film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan –> Meri Behen Ki Dulhan.

And just for kicks, have you seen this mock video of SRK interviewing Salman? It’s not real (obviously), I think it was a Zoom TV April Fools Day prank, but it’s full of LOLs.

The 100 Crore Haters

Well, they crawl out of the twitter-woods every time a commercial film actually does *gasp* great business. So a lot of people are still boo-hooing about how Gangs Of Wasseypur should be the kind of movie that deserves box office success, not “illogical” films like Ek Tha Tiger.

Oh grow up. OBVIOUSLY Gangs of Wasseypur is the more superior film in terms of filmcraft but it also¬† is never going to be the kind of film that garners huge box office. Why is that so hard to accept? Critical acclaim has nothing to do with box office, it never has, it never will. Box office is about tapping into popular cultural tastes (which by definiton is not going to be elite), you know the 98% of the population who aren’t avid movie buffs, who really just show up to theaters amidst a frenzy of samosas, pop corn and a gaggle of cousins to have a good time.

But then I guess the “Is film about art or commerce?” debate will never let up. If Gangs Of Wasseypur made a profit, if it created a buzz and if it reached its target audience – that’s all it needs to do. I don’t think that smaller films are going to get squashed in Bollywood because of popular commercial blockbusters – in fact I think the more 100 crore hits that the big stars have given, the more corporate houses have been willing to back and finance smaller films. We’ve seen more of these low-budget, non-starcast films in recent years than we ever have before. It doesn’t have to be a war.

…And Just Coz I’m Tired

Apparently BollyHungama has never heard of writer’s block:

Talking about the film [the third installment of Munnabhai], Hirani said that he was not happy with the second half of the script, due to what he calls as ‘Writer’s Block’.

Yes it is a strange and mysterious disease from a planet devoid of thesauruses, Hungama.

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4 comments on “Shahrukh Khan As Samar in Yash Chopra’s Next, Salman-SRK Friendship Watch (Again) & The 100 Cr Haters!!

  1. You had me cracking up at that parting shot. And SRK looks good! Anushka, I hear, is playing a wildlife photographer.
    Also, I enjoyed Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, but I think I’d *really* love Mere Behen Ki Dulhan.

    • Sal,

      Anushka IS playing someone who works for a wildlife channel…I just can’t piece the film together! Wildlife photographer, musician, fauji…God only knows what Katrina is playing hehe.

      But SRK in this fauji uniform totally made my day!

  2. but i liked him in the pink shirt also …y u no like :(

    • Laxita,

      Aw, because i was 100% sure that Karan Johar made him wear it and I was nervous that he was going to look too metrosexual in the whole film….it’s just not my favorite way to see SRK, but that’s just me. :)

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