The Barfi! OST, Priyanka As Jhilmil (plus Pajama Partay!!), Why Remake Himmatwala, Ram Has Found His Leela, Plus Kat & Sonakshi!!

The Barfi! OST

If you haven’t heard it, you need to like RIGHT NOW. Be warned it is not a filmy-shilmy soundtrack but an actual, musical album and the most surprising thing about it is that it’s directed by Pritam -the song-stealing, hit-making maestro himself.

Phir Le Aaya Dil (I can’t decide if I like Rekha Bhardwaj or Arijit Singh’s version better) is a hot favorite – slow, sweltering, moody – it’s a slick 21st century update of the ghazal format.

And if Ranbir doesn’t just steal your heart and break it into pieces…I mean, I simply can’t get over how he mesmerizes in every single Barfi! promo that’s come out so far, takes your breath away in each frame. If Priyanka and Ileana were paired with anyone else in these promos, I would say they’ve done a great job, but next to Ranbir, his brilliance just outshines everything else. He is on a whole different stratosphere.

Speaking of PC,  Aashiyan is a lovely throwback to the hit songs of the 50′s and 60′s, but more importantly, this promo gives us our first good look at Priyanka’s kept-under-wraps character, Jhilmil. Many people have been going gaga over it, and I agree it’s good, but it’s not….I don’t know, it’s not all the way. It’s easy to praise performances like PC’s simply because of the way the  character is written, but if you really look closely, you’ll see that she hasn’t completely let go and given herself over to it.

But I’m nitpicking though, perhaps because Ranbir has set the standard so high.

Or perhaps because of this:

OMG!! I wonder if they prank-called their crushes after they painted their nails?!!?

Seriously woman, you’re 30 years old! Stop pretending you’re Rihanna, when she was like 16.

Shirish Kunder Questions His Audience

Right, so the Director Par Extraordinaire has been asking all sorts of deeply thoughtful questions to the handful of people he hasn’t blocked on twitter such as:

Question #1: How many for progressive films with new concepts and how many for old n south remakes?

Question #2: Of whatever you have gathered from the Trailer and Promos of Joker, how would you classify the genre of Joker as?

Shirish sir, if we answer all  the Joker Examination questions correctly will we be deemed smart enough to buy tickets for your masterpiece? Aap tho mahaan ho, hum tho sab gadhe hain na…too dumb to understand your high-concept, progressive film we are.

Please. Perhaps you should ask Shahrukh (whose Ra.One you so famously dissed) about progressive films with new concepts and Salman (the guy you pawned the Being Alien tag off of) or Akshay (your reluctant hero) about South remakes.

As for your second question, no one cares.

Is Himmatwala Worth Remaking?

So asks Bollywood Life who seems to dislike Sajid Khan as much as I do Shirish. Well, they do have a point – nostalgia is a powerful drug but Himmatwala was actually a pretty awful film.

And therein lies the answer as to why Sajid Khan is remaking it. It’s because of its sheer badness. Here is a director (for want of a better term to describe Khan’s function on set) who revels in making unoriginal, copied, terrible films that are a disgrace not just to cinema but also to humanity in general.


Sajid however seems to be convinced that he’s making his next masterpiece, even livestreaming the mahurat on Youtube like it is a national event of great importance (and obviously not a publicity stunt).

Awww, lookie! He’s like a happy puppy.

You know at least he stands behind his crap with full gusto – unlike Shirish who hides from his crap and then wants to blame the world for his shortcomings.

Ram Leela Has A Heroine!!

…and drumroll please, after a whirlwind tour through all of Bollywood’s leading ladies, the Ram Leela plane has officially landed on Deepika Padukone’s head.

“I will be seen opposite Deepika (Padukone) in ‘Ram Leela’,” said Ranveer Singh.

Whew. At last, a confirmation from someone legitimate. But can we really, really put this beast to rest? Or is SLB going to deny it tomorrow? Because he has hinted that even the title is not final in a recent interview.

I am so sick of this movie already.

Katrina Is #1, But Why?

My Heart Is Broken. Or maybe I’m just bored.

You guys! Are we really okay with Kat being the number one pick for all of B-town’s biggest projects?

Ugh, I have a total love-hate equation with this girl because on the one hand, I do admire how far she’s come and how dedicated she is. But on the other, I refuse to have all of Bollywood’s films ruined by Ms. Botox-Happy over here. She’s great in a certain kind of role, but it’s when they start signing her for characters that require more than a bangin’ bod and studied dance skills that I start to get nervous.

But I’m speaking to the void here because apparently many people found her “acting” skills in Ek Tha Tiger beyond magnificent . I’m thinking people are confusing their relief for the fact that Kat has finally mastered Hindi with “good acting”. Because speaking in Hindi and acting or emoting in Hindi are two different things. And Kat just isn’t there yet. And with all that botox, I have serious doubts as to how she ever will get there.

…And On the Other Side Of the Spectrum

…we have Sonakshi who couldn’t BE any desi-er, so much so that now it’s starting to sound like a PR ploy more than a sentiment she really believes in.

It’s true that she gets away with a lot of accolades simply because she is more typically and naturally desi than a lot of our modelly starlets, but I’m starting to worry that she’s taking that for granted as an excuse not to grow out of that box. Just like speaking in Hindi doesn’t suddenly make Kat a good actress, simply looking desi doesn’t make Sonakshi a good one either.

Sigh. Can’t we get this right Bollywood? Or am I just expecting too much from this new generation of actresses?


Those who have heard the SOTY soundtrack can’t stop raving about it and I thawed like a billion degrees towards Student Of the Year ever since I heard that there’s a Vishal-Shekhar re-mix of Nazia Hassan’s epic Disco Deewane!!

I can’t wait for the promo which is out in a few days but here’s the original from the Pakistani Pop Goddess, just to whet our appetites.

Aww, is there anything that is more Made For KJo-Land than this song?! Match made in heaven it is!

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7 comments on “The Barfi! OST, Priyanka As Jhilmil (plus Pajama Partay!!), Why Remake Himmatwala, Ram Has Found His Leela, Plus Kat & Sonakshi!!

  1. ugh. irritating and self righteous kunder is irritating and self righteous. :/

    BUT GREAT ARTICLE, AS USUAL, GETFILMYYYY :D I hereby rechristen you queen of bollynews!

  2. I really like your blogs. But I feel you are a bit partial towards kareena. You are dissing katrina and priyanka because your sub-conscious mind wants to see bebo as no. 1. But thats not possible. Kat is the undisputed No. 1. Kareena’s career is soon going to be over like rani and priety. Sad but true

    • Pradip,

      Thx for liking my blogs but HAHAHHA, arre I am not partial towards Kareena – she also has many faults, it’s just that I find her off-screen persona really amusing so I like to gush about her. I don’t care if she’s number one or who’s number one frankly.

      Coming to talent, I still think that Bebo has proven herself as a better actress than Kat, but she’s been in the industry longer, plus she’s a star kid so it’s not a fair comparison. The only reason I have an issue with Kat being No. 1 right now is because she’s going to sign all the big films in the coming years, and I just want to see a heroine who can emote in the films I’m looking forward to, which I don’t think she can.

      As for Priyanka, she is hot and cold for me in terms of performance (she’s VERY good in this Barfi promo though) and I’m not a huge fan of her off-screen persona.

      • Kareena’s proven herself as a better actress than Kat, but I’d just add that I’ve never wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Katrina during a film, unlike Kareena in K3G or We Are Family. She can be great and she can be irritatingly bad.

  3. UGH I LOVE NAZIA HASSAN SO MUCH. Sexiest voice ever! There was this godawful movie in the eighties, Star, that had a bunch of her songs on its OST, and I used to watch it just for Boom Boom when I was a kid.
    You’ve totally captured how I feel about Katrina. I didn’t care much when she was doing the Welcomes and the Singh is Kinngs, but now that she’s being cast in movies that I actually feel passionate about, I’m pretty upset. Girl cannot act, period. And that’s the difference between her and Sonakshi. Her and all the other contenders for the top spot, really. Deepika, Sonakshi, Kareena, Priyanka, Anushka – one might not like them, but no one can deny that these girls have expressions, get their inflections in dialogue right, know the “sur” and “lehja” of the Bollywood film to some extent (some more than others). Katrina is just there. She is serviceable when she plays non-Indian in a low-drama set up (ZNMD), but you never feel like nobody else could have done her role better. Can you imagine ETT with an actor who could act? A Kareena or a Chitrangda or (I know this will never happen) a Madhuri? I am not going to deny that Katrina is hard-working and seems like a nice, sorted-out person, but never has Bollywood had a Number One Heroine who is a complete non-actor. At any rate, I may not see her charm, but millions do, for she certainly has a lot of goodwill with the Indian audience.

    • Sal,

      “know the “sur” and “lehja” of the Bollywood film” <— THAT is exactly what I'm talking about! When they're Indian, or especially if they've grown up in the industry, they know this stuff automatically. Kat has to study it and while she's certainly studied it more sincerely than any of her non-Indian contemporaries, at this point it still looks very artificial. I don't mind her in non-Indian set ups, even MBKD was passable maybe because Imran is no better than she is, and she fit the setting for ZNMD so I didn't mind her in that.

      But ETT really required your typical desi-romantic heroine IMO and any of the women you mentioned would've taken it to a whole new level – just because of their presence, their ability to get that tonality right. I've always been a Kat supporter for her hard work but LOL was NOT expecting her to become the top heroine of this generation!

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