Unlikely Pairings: PC & The NFL Network, PC & Govinda, SRK & Anurag, Sher Khan & Romance, Vivek & Vivek, Mads & The Weather Channel

Unlikely Pairing #1: Priyanka Chopra & The NFL Network

So, THR reports:

Chopra will be the featured artist for Thursday Night Kick Off which begins September 13th with the 185th meeting between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, the most-played rivalry in NFL history.  Chopra recently shot the spot that will air every Thursday night before and after Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network.

That’s right! It’s PC vs. The Red-Blooded American Couch Potatoes every Thursday!

I’m just wondering about the strategy behind this – seems like PC’s management team is going straight for the cultural clash jugular. She came from from Bollywood and planted herself right in the American Heartland.

“I’m really thrilled to bring my music and a touch of India to America and its football fans,” says Chopra.

“We’re excited to showcase Priyanka’s talent and worldwide appeal to millions of NFL fans across the United States,” added NFL Network Executive Producer Eric Weinberger.

Worldwide appeal = sex appeal.

NFL fans = men. Mostly.

1+1 = dingdingdingdingding

Unlikely Pairing #2: PC & ChiChi & KC Bokadia

And back in the Indian Heartland we have this:

Courtesy BOC Live

And this:

Courtesy Filmi Tadka

Can someone please explain why someone has photo-shopped our PC with our ChiChi bhaiyya and is circulating it around the internet like it’s actually a thing? Is PC really on board for this or is it some desperate, delusional attempt on KC Bokadia’s part to convince us that a film called Deewana Main Deewana actually exists?

They say she’s just shot an item song for it called Kala Doriya but I’m finding the whole thing a bit hard to digest.

Chalo, if the item song does exist let us air the promo for this alleged movie on the NFL Network and unleash mayhem upon the Frat Boys Of America.

Unlikely Pairing #3: Vivek & Vivek

Now I’ve got nothing against a good Vivek Oberoi film. But two rather unsightly looking Vivek Oberoi films (KLPD & Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story – wah!) to pick from on October 5th is really pushing the Vivek-O-Tolerance-Meter.

And the whole thing is just a big ol’ Vivek-y mess what with his producers playing a friendly game of pehle aap, nahin nahin pehle aap on twitter.

Aw, how great that the two producers are fighting so politely but they seem to have forgotten one very important factor.

No one wants to watch either one of them.

Unlikely Pairing #4: Lord Of Wasseypur & Lord Of Mannat

This isn’t exactly news because we’ve been hearing stories about Anurag Kashyap buzzing around SRK (and vice versa) for several months now. It’s mostly upsetting for Kashyap fans who are no doubt scratching their heads over how they can manage their Anurag-worship and SRK-hatred all in one go.

“SRK asked Anurag to make a film for him. Anurag agreed to it but on one condition. The filmmaker told SRK that he would write a film and even narrate it to him but would hand over the bound script only after SRK signed the film,” a source told Mid Day.

Whaaaa? Mid-day, that “condition” just sounds whack and highly unlike either Shahrukh OR Anurag.

I dunno, I think the two are definitely keen to work with each other but are also very wary. Like Anurag is all, “dude don’t mess with my vision” and SRK is all, “dude don’t mess with my career”.

Unlikely Pairing #5: Sher Khan & Romance

..because a title like Sher Khan does scream romance…

Haha, but I kid I kid. I’m all for seeing Salman back in romance mode and whatever works to curb his health troubles is fine by me. But let us ponder the question that is bugging my faaaavorite Bollywood Life.

Will Salman Khan manage to make Rs 100 crore at the box office as a romantic hero?

Gasp! And what if he doesn’t? Will the planets start to spin out of their orbits?!


If the superstar’s going to focus on romance now, will he go beyond holding his girlfriend’s hands and giving a quick peck on her rosy cheeks since he’s extremely shy getting intimate on screen?

May I please refer you to Maine Pyar Kiya? He barely even touches Bhagyashree and the apples start going bonkers! Bhai Power is not only for action, it’s for romance too. ;)

Unlikely Pairing #6: Madhuri Dixit and The Weather Channel?

Okay, so I understand, I understand that some of our older actresses are not twitter-savvy so I can smile away La Dixit’s daily “Hello, how r u” tweets whenever I remind myself that there is still barely anyone to match her screen presence:

But even a die-hard Mads fan has got to admit, this is a bit whack:

1:36 PM!! Mild rains in the a.m. but fairly sunny the rest of the day….nice day for a picnic everybody! But take your umbrellas just in case!

Well here I go, signing off at 1:04 pm and the weather is a mild, sunny 79 degrees fahrenheit in New York. How’s the weather by you?

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3 comments on “Unlikely Pairings: PC & The NFL Network, PC & Govinda, SRK & Anurag, Sher Khan & Romance, Vivek & Vivek, Mads & The Weather Channel

  1. I really hope PC can sing and she doesn’t disappoint/embarrass her fans

  2. hahaha!
    its 11-15pm and the temperature is about 25 degrees celsius and expected to rain!

    try sonal chauhan sometimes. she’s another actress who’s a good example of “more beauty = less twitter-savvy.”

  3. Salman doesn’t need to get intimate w his heroines in order to convey romance, remember Prem & Preity in HSSH? Awwwwww!

    Anyhow I honestly hope Salman and SRK never lose their no intimacy policy, they’re the only ones who still subscribe to it, and there is something irresistibly charming about that brand of romance which is unfortunately going extinct.

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