When Despos Attack!! Tusshar, Ameesha, Jackky, Preity + Alia Bhatt, ‘Kick’ Dramz & GUNDAY!!!

Despo #1: Tusshar Snipes At *Gasp* SRIDEVI?!!

Guurrrrl, you better tuck those man-boobs back inside your shirt because this just AIN’T COOL.

While the rest of the world applauded a nonchalant Sri for the “Himmatwala was no Mughal-e-Azam” statement, our Tusshy was mighty offended.

Tusshar wants to know why someone as dignified as Sridevi would make a statement like that just for the sake of being sensational. And also asks “How can she run down a film that has given her identity in Bollywood and is one of the biggest hits of her career?”

“My dad and Sridevi were terrific in that film and though the critics panned it because it was a potboiler; I defend it because it is one of the films that my father is most identified with.”

Word to the whiny: Both Jeetendra and Sridevi gave many, many, many hits in much better films than Himmatwala throughout their careers. I’m sure neither one of them is under the delusion that it was a hit because it was a good film.

Meanwhile, Tusshar clearly thinks Kya Super Kool Hain Hum is a new age classic. And he’s right, we will be identifying him with the man-boobs-emerging-from-the-sea image till kingdom come. I’m sure he won’t mind. After all, that photo was THE biggest hit of his career.

Despo #2: Ameesha Finally Got Her Item Song

So when her director for Shortcut Romeo wouldn’t let her have one, the D-List Queen took matters into her own hands and gave herself an item song in what promises to be the MOST EPIC MOVIE EVER – Desi Magic.

In Desi Magic, the former Economics major plays a double role  (one evil, one desi – Chaalbaaz much?) AND she will be seen butchering Madhuri’s classic Ek Do Teen from Tezaab. AND she will be wearing a bikini!!

EEEEE! I just can’t wait.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering why she went from being a nice, normal actress to being Ms. Can’t-Keep-My-Clothes-On:

How come the sweet girl Ameesha has suddenly become a hot and sexy girl?

The credit goes entirely to my business partner Kuunal Goomer who always feels that it’s the correct attitude that sells in Bollywood. Since I have the looks, talent and attitude then why not show it? (touchwood). Things have been really working and in spite of a big gap and some negative people who always try writing me off here I am here with five releases lined up in the next 12 months. [Source: NDTV]

Come on Ameesha, how can you take a man named Goober seriously?

Despo #3: Jackky Is The Next Uday!

And in other despo news, Jackky Bhagnani now has 8 pack abs.

Unfortunately, they do nothing for his face.

Ranveer & Arjun Are The Sexiest Gundays Ever!!

And Lord knows you need something to help you recover from those photos so here is something to restore sanity and faith in the male species:

YRF are sitting on a winner with Gunday given that they don’t mess it up by making it all YRF-y. I didn’t have too many issues with director Ali Abbas Zafar’s MBKD but….this story, dealing with the Calcutta mafia set in the 70s is completely new territory. Though Ishaqzaade proved that YRF isn’t afraid to go all rough and rustic, you just never know which direction the YRF candy machinery will go.

Have to say I’m a lot happier with their slate now – they’ve come a long way since the Ta Ra Rum Pums and the Jhoom Barabar Jhooms of that godawful 06-07 period.

Despo #4: Alia Bhatt Is Kinda Dull…

…and apparently she’s noticed that we haven’t noticed her and so now Karan Johar is going out of his way to make sure that we notice her more?

Apparently her co-actors in the film Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra – got a thumbs up from a target audience, while she received a lukewarm response. The newbie was a bit upset to hear this. Now there is a buzz that producer-director Karan Johar will be re-working on few of her solo scenes to make it more spicy. [Source: CNN-IBN]

Meh, it’s probably a fluff piece but what is accurate is that most people seem to think she’s a total washout. And no matter how much “spice” KJo tries to add to her, I think it’s one of those things you either have or you don’t….and so far it doesn’t seem like she has “it” at all.

But take heart Alia, it’s just your first film. With KJo as a godfather and Mahesh Bhatt as a real father I’m sure we won’t be seeing the last of her for a long time to come. If all else fails, she can always star in Aashiqui 3.

All Is Not Well With “Kick”

Hmmmm….Salman’s apparently not happy with the script.

Shirish is being shady again. Tweeting:

The script of KICK was being written by Rajat Arora, NOT ME. I’ve myself not read the script of KICK as I’ve been busy with JOKER.

All queries on KICK should be checked with Producer Sajid Nadiadwala as he is the main person developing the project and knows all the truth.

But producer Sajid Nadiadwala says it’s still on:

“Firstly, I want to make it clear that Kick is indeed happening. Salman is the lead actor and Shirish the director. A few dialogues are being changed and a little shuffling here and there. Whether the leading lady will be a newcomer or a popular face depends on Salman’s dates. As soon as he finalises his schedule with us, we will lock the actress next week.”

Hmmm, I see trouble afoot. Will Salman be meherbaan or will he bypass the drama-rama?

In Related News..

Akshay Kumar is continuing to pretend that Joker doesn’t exist. A day before the release:

Despo #5: Ishkq In Paris – It’s All About Preity Zinta 

Like seriously, I’m too sad to even make fun of this.

And this so-called “hero” actually makes me miss Sohail Khan’s puffy bee-stung face. At least it had more character.

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14 comments on “When Despos Attack!! Tusshar, Ameesha, Jackky, Preity + Alia Bhatt, ‘Kick’ Dramz & GUNDAY!!!

  1. I feel so sorry about Preity that I can’t snarking, I want so much this movie to be good, and everything we so far sceaming just opposite, so sad.
    And Tusshar trying hard to become Bollywood Drama Queen no.1;)

  2. Based on the photo, Gunday should be 2 hours of those two guys looking like that and hanging out. Doesn’t need anything else, I’ll watch it :)

  3. whatever you say, ameesha actually looks good in that pic.
    and, why wasn’t there alia’s photo?

    and I agree, jacky is just the new uday. successful father’s unlucky son.

    err, I hope someone offers preity a better movie after this one. It’d be icing on the cake if she can again star with Srk. :)

  4. Preity’s song looks just like It’s the Time to Disco. Sigh.

    • Beth – it looks EXACTLY like that and that’s the problem! Like Filmi Girl was saying, the whole movie is stuck circa 2004ish. :(

      • And then there is the question of why Preity-aunty is partying at the club like she’s 21… There comes a time to leave the club songs behind.

        Sadly, Preity seems as bad as Saif in playing under her age.

        OMG!!! YOU GUYS! They should totally do another movie together where they play 20 year olds who just can’t figure out this love thing.

  5. Nahiiiin….. Maine kasam khaayi thi ki that I will never see Tushar’s moobs wala pic ever in my life & what hav you done girl!

    Whoa! Ameesha Ben looks good according to her age. But whats this – ”I have the LOOKS (check), TALENT (LOL) & ATTITUDE (ROFL).” She really needs reality check!

    I guess Sallu must be waiting for Joker’s release to see Shitish Kunder’s work. If it clicks (chances are less) then Bhai might do the film. Who knows?

    PZ’s movies is a disaster from the word Go! And that too she is releasing with Sridevi’s EV which has already created positive buzz all over. (P.S – I dont care abt Vivek’s 2 films.)

  6. Rahul,

    Sorry yaar sorry – had to unleash the moobs pic again but he was asking for it!

    Aur Ameesha ben has FIVE films lined up in the next 12 months *touchwood* – who are we to judge?! ;)

    BTW – was Shitish a typo or intentional? genius ya. :D

    • LOL! Shitish is not a typo & is purely intentional. ;-) Typo in PZ comment, i typed an extra ‘s’ in movie & thankooo for calling me genius! :-) But genius toh aap ho. The way you club all filmy tid-bids and link them together with your dosage of fun, witty & tongue-in-cheek writing is fun to read. :-)

  7. Lol they’ve drawn the six pack onto that wannabes abs

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