Jab Tak Hai Jaan, PC’s In My City, Bebo’s Frenemy Files, PZ’s Paparazzi Attack & More!!!

Okay! First of all, sorry peeps for being AWOL on the blog but I’ve been crazy busy dealing with some boring non-Bollywood business. And it has been KILLING me to be out of the loop coz lots of BIG STUFF happened in the last couple of weeks, didn’t it?

Big Stuff #1: Title Announcement Of The Century

There was a title, there was a poem, there were translations.

And there was a WTF poster.

First things first – I like the title Jab Tak Hai Jaan even if it does remind me (and everybody else) of Sholay’s epic villain-den song to end all villain-den songs. I’m sure that fact didn’t elude the thinking caps over at YRF because they attempted to wipe out all cognitive associations with the song by presenting us with a kind of meh-ish first-look poem.

Now, it’s not a bad poem. It’s just not great. My question is this – when you’ve got Gulzar on your payroll anyway, WHY NOT ASK HIM TO WRITE IT? The way it reads to me, it’s like Adi’s pulling a poor-man’s Kabhi Kabhi and it’s just kind of unoriginal.

Nonetheless the rush to have the poem translated into English (and all other languages around the world) was initiated by Shahrukh himself, which I was totally excited for but then definitely disappointed in.

Because “mischievous and saline” just sounds kinda nuts. Shah, I love you (and you look damn hot in that black scarf) but no!

Anyway, given that everyone’s twisting their lingo backwards and forwards to try and translate phrases like “namkeen mastiyan” or “lehrati angdaiyaan”, the whole thing was a fun way to get the fans buzzing (because yeah, the thing did trend for like 2 days straight, and that was just the title release).

Meanwhile, Yash Uncle needs to fire everyone from YRF’s poster department because seriously, WTF is this?

Better not to release a poster at all than to present one that looks like a butchered copy-paste job.  The whole thing is like a badly made valentine’s card by a 5th grader, with Anuskha on a motorbike randomly tacked on for good measure. NOT OKAY YRF.

Anyway, not that any of that matters because NOTHING can kill my excitement for this movie now. Shahrukh is looking  supa-fine in all of the stills – even this one where he’s got a well-placed hand NOT on Kat’s ass….

….and tweet of the day on THAT one goes to some guy (can’t find the tweet) who was like “Has Kat ever looked so cute with Sallu?”


Me, I’m just waiting for Yash Uncle’s birthday and the trailer – which is due to be out on September 27th – CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Big Stuff #2: PC In My City (Culture Shock 101)

People, PC isn’t just in my city, she’s everywhere you look. The single, the rave reviews for her performance in Barfi! (which I’m DYING to watch), the late night visits to various superstar Khans…. someone explain to me why she can’t visit them during normal daylight hours like everybody else, please….

But anyway, let’s talk NFL.

I caught the video when it aired on Thursday Night Kickoff coz I wanted to catch the whole thing, you know – really take in the whole “Priyanka Chopra is on the mothertruckin’ NFL Network bitches!!!!” instead of some disembodied Youtube video and boy, was it worth it.

I wasn’t wrong when I said they were going for the cultural clash jugular with this because watching PC doing the American pop star thing on an it-doesn’t-get-more-American-than-this channel was so many levels of culture shock, I didn’t know which perspective of my third-culture-kid consciousness I should process it with.

As a desi, it was mad weird. I mean, if they’d just debuted her on MTV it would’ve been less disorienting. This was not the PC of Bollywood. This was PC being a conglomeration of every generic pop star ever to hit the VH1 roster. And in the end, I think that was the buggy thing about it – the music had no personality, it looked and smelled like a “let’s create a global pop star” project put together by a generic pop-technician-team. Without getting into the technicalities of the failures of American pop (and rock for that matter) in the new millenium, let’s just say PC does nothing to add to that crisis.

But oh, am I expecting too much then? Is it enough that she’s a desi and she’s got this huge American/”international” platform to showcase “her music” on?

Or is it okay to expect that the music should be you know, kind of interesting?

Anyway, that was her first single – there’s still a whole album to come. The other video (the official PC video, not the NFL one) is slightly better than watching PC jumping around in NFL gear, complete with pom-poms (puke). But overall for me, the whole thing was completely strange.

Salman TOTALLY Loves PC’s Single. Like, For Real Bhai?

Even stranger, however was Salman’s “bak to bak 3 times” endorsement of the song.

So I don’t have a dirty mind AT ALL but what’s the connection between PC’s 5 a.m. visit and Bhai suddenly going (Omg!) gaga over music that I suspect he normally wouldn’t listen to even one time, forget three times, even if you paid him to do it.


Frenemy Files: Bebo-PC

Other than promoting Heroine and trending for an entire day (despite the counter-trending juggernaut that was #PCGoesPop) when TOI made the jaw-dropping discovery that her post-marital name would be (shocker!!!) Kareena Kapoor Khan, Queen Bebo has been holding court with her frenemies.

In recent interviews she’s praised PC for her “damdaar” voice and acting chops in Barfi and gone all gushy about how great Deepika looks with Saif. Ah, but you know our Bebo – PR Queen she is. She pulls the right strings at the right time but she never lets you forget that it’s HER Queendom you’re standing in. A Bollywood blue-blood if I ever saw one.

If you haven’t seen this video of what went down when Priyanka dropped in on the Heroine sets, you MUST RIGHT NOW. It’ll put the whole frenemy thing into perspective.

OHO! Battle of The Divas complete with excessive hair-flipping, hair in rollers, fake air-kissing, MAD Bebo-eyes (seriously she could freeze a room with that I-am-so-judging-you-right-now stare). What say? I think Bebo came out tops in this little battle.

Awww, but am I insinuating that  Bebo can’t be friends with her female colleagues? Why yes I am saying that coz Bebo doesn’t need friends in the industry. After all, woh apni favorite hain. 

Preity Zinta Vs The Paparazzi

In news that no one really cares about, Preity twisted her ankle then had a twitter meltdown after being “attacked” by the paparazzi. Right, because apparently the paps don’t have bigger fish and bigger celebs to fry.  But that’s okay because our super-sensitive Preity is living in her own little delusional Ishkq-y bubble these days.

Unsurprisingly, IIP’s release has been postponed, which is just code for “the movie sucks ass and needs to be heavily re-edited”. Maybe they can edit the “hero” out entirely.

AND I only just saw this Kudiye Di Kurti song and didn’t know whether to be mad or sad coz this is ugggghhhhhhh…..

Girl, you better postpone that shit – indefinitely. Even Salman can’t save this Disaster No. 1.

Talaash Is Allllmooooost Here!!

Needless to say, I LOVE the new trailer!!

Talaash Conspiracy Theories Seen On Twitter Based On The Trailer:

Aamir did it.

Aamir’s schizoprenic.

Aamir is actually dead.

The Moustache is the main clue.

And Finally…..Dreamum Wakeuppam!!!


Primarily it’s because I’m ogling, ogling shamelessly the stud-muffin that is Prithiviraj. Also coz it is so awesome to watch Rani having such a blast and the choreography is so deliciously over the top, raunchy and ridiculous.

That, of course, is the whole point of the song but there was some rumbling-grumbling around the twitsphere about how Anurag has sold out by going so commercial with this, and also how insulting the song is to South Indians. But there’s obvious context to consider before watching and the whole thing is supposed to be in the spirit of mad, ridiculous, looneybins fun.

Anyway, it’s working for me big time because I’m shamelessly addicted to it.

And did I say this already? PRITHVIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

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29 comments on “Jab Tak Hai Jaan, PC’s In My City, Bebo’s Frenemy Files, PZ’s Paparazzi Attack & More!!!

  1. Something is seriously wrong with you. You dont like Kat..you dont like PC. Can bebo ever dare to play a character like Jhilmil? You are damn biased towards kareena. Anyways PC doesnt change her fav khan like kareena. See her interviews. Such a loudmouth girl. Whenever any khan give hits, he becomes her fav khan. Kareena has made a joke of herself. And how the fuck you cant like poster and poem of JTHJ. Kat and Srk looks so romantic together. Getfilmy please get some brains. Like seriously.

    • Akshay,

      I never said I don’t like Kat. PC I don’t like, I’ve never made any bones about that. And you apparently have a huge issue with Kareena so I say we’re even.

      Anyone who says the poster of JTHJ doesn’t suck is just plain lying. That is all.

      Please get a sense of humor.

  2. Re: Dreamum: It’s a blender of Sridevi, Silk, and Rani, and therefore my response is GIMME. My eyeballs!

    Re: Priyanka: I actually enlisted a Bolly-loving friend who is a huge NFL fan to go watch this in a sports bar and then write me a guest blog post, but due to timing snafus she missed it. :) However, I watched it, and like you I found it utterly bland. She could be anybody – which is maybe the right approach IF the goal is to integrate her into something so mainstream US? If the goal was to be Priaynaka-y, then it failed. This to me is a beauty queen doing a generic song, not a Bollywood star, which I only realized when you said “This is not the PC of Bollywood.” This is PC who spent some of her teen years in the US and went on to be a major beauty pageant winner. As for the pompoms, they are very silly, but at least the NFL actually uses pompoms, unlike whatever fake-pretend boarding school film heroes go to. :)

    • Beth,

      Totally, I can’t get enough of Dreamum!!

      I was actually hoping to get a plain-ol-American-non-Bolly-lovin perspective on PC’s song but have yet to find one, so that woulda been cool if your friend could give her POV. Because I think POV is a huge factor in processing PC as a mainstream US pop star. Re the pom poms, TRUE THAT, I was immediately thinking of KJo’s pompoms and I was also like, well, at least they look realistic. :p

      • Getfilmy,
        My roommate is American and doesn’t follow Bollywood. His reaction was, “Yeah, that’s okay. It doesn’t sound amateurish. Is it Katy Perry?” So . . . PC did good? I think?

  3. I mean just check kareena’s earlier interviews. Srk was God for her. According to her, salman couldnot act. Well suddenly when srk going through a low phase.. She suddenly change her statement like Salman is God, sometimes says aamir is god. Atleast PC dont change her fav khan. So its not PC who sucks. Its ur khan-sucking bi*chy bebo who sucks! PC has already shown she is the best actress, the most talented of her generation. Bebo no match.

  4. PS Here’s another thing I love about Dreamum: Rani’s choreography and outfits are flat-out ridiculous and she knows it and is giving it her all. Heroines rarely get the chance to be ridiculous in any kind of individualistic, self-expressing way (as opposed to MPDG that heroes find adorkable and save-worthy) and I love it. This is her character’s world and she is IN IT. This is COMEDY. GO RANI GO.

  5. PPS I am so sorry I cannot get all my thoughts into one comment, but: another huge awesome thing about Dreamum, for me tied with the female-driven comedy and personality, is that in it a woman has libido and only good things happen because of it. These two people enjoy each other and are attracted to each other and GOOD FOR THEM. Of course, it’s possible that in the context of the whole film, this is all going to be played for laughs of the “laughing at you, not with you” variety, of the “silly girl doesn’t know what’s right and best” variety, but at least in this song it is exalted.

    • Beth,

      LOL – totally agree re both the ridiculousness and the libido. I think even if they do play it for laughs, at least they’re acknowledging it in an open “I WANT SOME” way instead of “using it as a power ploy” like they did in TDP or anything & everything by Bhandarkar. And I’m THRILLED that it’s Rani who was really quite coy for a large chunk of her career.

  6. lol Akshay you are funny with this fav khan thing.. PC seems to have started to straddle 2 boats too with Sallu and SRK so I guess she is no better either LOL Earlier she had no choice but like SRK since never gave her any bhav :P

  7. I thought Shah Rukh’s translation was pretty awesome. Yeah I know ‘salty and mischievous’ sticks out as a sore thumb, but the rest is pretty professional IMO. Especially,

    ‘I will not forget, your memory rife,
    until i breathe this life…

    ..I will not forgive, the memory rife,
    until i breathe this life’

    I think you should give him credit for taking out time to do it! :)

    But i nitpick! Daily SRK Defence, you see ;) Fabulous post, in general, as always!

    • Prerna,

      Arre I give him full credit for taking out the time to do it, and I do love that he went for a non-literal translation of “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” – as an English major it was fun to see the different interpretations. Haha, and I’m with you on the Daily SRK Defense – it’s funny, he is my moooosht favorite Khan ever but somehow perversely I feel that gives me the right to be more critical of him, which some die-hard fans take the wrong way. But kaise bataoon, I really am an SRK die-hard! :D

      • Oh, getfilmy, I’ve followed your blog long enough to know that you’re a fangirl too :)
        And I get the whole ‘criticizing him more BECAUSE i’m a die hard fan’ :)
        So it’s all good! Cheers :)

      • I’m a diehard SRK fan as well so I agree that we can criticize. Is anyone else worried though, that the hype has been SO huge and the anticipation for JTHJ that there is bound to be disappointment? I’m probably going to love it no matter what, but I want it to be a hit as well for SRK’s sake. What do you think?

  8. Ah! Finally we have a blog post and a big one. :-)

    I am really not looking forward to JTHJ – the film. But the 3 things which ”may” click for me are : Miss Blabbermouth (Anushka, i like her) & the Gulzar-Rahman combo. I just cant bear Kat. She cant act in her Saat Janams & what was Yash Chopra thinking while casting. She is not a typical Yash Chopra Heroine IMO. And you just nailed it properly for the meh-ish poem.

    Going off track, but I saw Ba-feee and loved PC. Almost everyone was saying she’ll go overboard, but HELL NO. And I really hate PC’s off screen personna, but she is amazing in Ba-fee.

    And Yeah, her 4am strategy did work for her. Sallu tweeting abt PC is really a shocker. This woman surely knows how to survive in bwood. ;-)

    And regarding Bimbo Bebo, i’ve seen and read almost all her recent interviews and her answers are just monotonous regarding Heroine-Marriage-Ash-PC-Ram Leela, etc.

    PZ’s IIP will be as disastrous as Dangerous Ishq. Poor girl.

    Whats with Aamir and his trademark 2 expressions : ”Deer-in-the-head-light” & ”I am Mr.Know It All”. We can see that in almost every frame in the Talaash trailer. BTW someone on PV posted a spoiler and that really seems to be true.

    And regarding Aiyyaa, i just cant decide whether i like it or dislike it. Sometimes i feel its so funny.. And then it seems very loud & OTT. I’m in a dilemma!

    • Rahul,

      I’m totally willing to give PC fair props for Barfi – the praise has been mostly unanimous – can’t wait to catch the film to see for myself. But yeah, I will never be a fan of her off-screen persona.

      Oh no! Can’t believe there’s a Talaash spoiler already, gonna have to watch that FDFS, like Kahaani or I suspect the film will be ruined for me.

      As for Aiyya, I think the whole film is going to be very OTT so….that’s the best way to orient oneself I guess! I’m just super-duper excited for Rani.

  9. A great blogpost again, thank you! So much fun goodness. JTHJ looks OK to me, but I’m very disappointed that I won’t be able to drown in Aiyyaa’s OTT Rani madness on the bigscreen. If Aiyyaa is Anurag selling out, then I’m all for it. I’m sure the only Southie he’s concerned about not offending is his wife. I also think that if IIP has been delayed, Sallu Bhai should use the opportunity to get his own cameo cut out – this stinker’s really going to stain!

  10. Stuart,

    Eee!! Yay, another Aiyya lover. I am so rooting for this, and what a contrast it is to IIP – with Preity & Rani being of the same generation of actresses…sigh. Poor PZ.

  11. My sister and I keep going, “Ishh-aaa, kitna yeh melodrama” to each other over Facebook. Totally in love with Aiyyaa already. And, with Dreamum Wakeupum (which is freakin’ amazing!) Rani reminded me that actresses used to be able to do sexy and funny at the same time (Sridevi in Hawa-Hawaii? Mads in Choli Ke Peeche? Rani in that really strange Anil Kapoor film with Shankar?) I miss my all-rounder heroines. MORE RANI PLEASE.
    I like the title, I don’t hate the poster, SRK’s translation was, um, pretty clunky (but props for trying), and I am having panic attacks about Katrina again. Please don’t wreck this film, Katrina. If you promise not to ruin JTHJ, I’ll personally go out there and rid the world of each and every Boom DVD.
    I think PC was going for that generic mainstream American pop sound. And she succeeded. I mean, she’s been steadily transforming herself into a CW starlet over the years by “fixing” every interesting thing about her looks and her performances (though I have to add here that I’ve only heard fantastic things about her performance in Barfi!), and this feels like the logical next step. The song isn’t embarrassing in any way, and girl’s got an eye for opportunities, so props to her.

    • Sal,

      OMG everything you said about Rani YESSSSS!!Totally with you on Katrina being the sore thumb in JTHJ but I’m hoping against hope she’ll be out by interval? Maybe? The poem seems to promise that. :p

      Yeah PC & co were going for generic and they succeeded but….to what end? Would’ve been cooler if she really had a distinctive sound of her own but whatevs – I guess it’s progress to have a desi girl in mainstream American pop so…there’s that. Also excited to check her (and Ranbir, obvs) in Barfi, credit where credit is due n’ all. :)

  12. i’m not sure what ppl really want with PC’s Nfl tune, do you want Bolly type drums, sitars, Pc dressed in freaking saree, showing midrift and giving filmi face, or do you want the PC that listens to American music at length, went to school in America, travels the world extensively. as far as i know not one person that i have see with this “I hate priyanka” shite has ever really justified it , met her, know her at length ( though who you like you like), its a bloody pop song, perfect for NFL, i personally think its a great leap for her to go as mainstream as that. I’ll wait for the rest of her album to pop to see what her musical personality is really about.
    as for Kareena, loool i just dont get how ppl go crazy over this chica, not pretty in any light except with a ton of makeup, skinny and all the time bitching about something. She tries to be a mean girl, but its so Yawn worthy and repetitive i just cant deal . that confrontation in the vid above, who knows wtf happened , shits edited down to a minute and a few seconds, PC might have totally owned her and made Kareena her bitch lol, but alas we will never know. Me, I”m all for Rani .

    • Agreed. Priyanka could have made it all faux-Indian with random sitar bits and red saris flying everywhere or people bobbing their heads with folded namaste hands. But that’s not her, and that’s not what she wants her song to be about. It should not cash in on ‘Indianness’ because India is more than just sitars etc and PC’s singing/music is not of the ‘Indian’ mould. This song seems true to her taste and style. And I love me some artificial, manufactured pop as long as it has sick beats and a catchy tune. That’s where this song kind of fails. It’s good in a mediocre way.

      And LOL @ Priyanka invading Kareena’s territory AND sucking up to Salman. Both cases of unlikely bedfellows. The things this girl does to stick on. She knows how to play this bollywood game. She knows how to handle the background politics and deliver a solid performance in Barfi.

      • Londongirl, Jai –

        Haha, of course I wasn’t looking for sitars n saris, I knew it was going to be a mainstream US pop album but debuting it with the NFL was (to me) a strange decision, like REALLY taking it all the way, that’s why I said MTV would’ve been less disorienting. But as most are agreeing, the song itself is kind of bland and that’s where I wish there was more of a personality to the music. If it was especially designed for the NFL then I guess they were going for REALLY generic pop in which case they succeeded. And I have issues with manufactured pop anyway, PC or not so…there’s that.

  13. have been waiting for a post and finally it’s here!

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – not interested. I don’t know why but even the Rahman-Gulzar combo is not exciting me. My interest in this film has been wholly dampened by the presence of Katrina. And I’m no SRK fan, so that was never an attraction. After OSO, RNBDJ was the last straw and I haven’t regained the respect I lost for him because of that film.

    Heroine – again not interested. Kareena and Priyanka convey so many layers of divaness/fakeness/politics in that video than a paint by numbers script ever could. I just hope the film isn’t as bad as The Dirty Picture. Seeing as Madhur Bhandarkar usually has more of a plot than MIlan Luthria, I think I have hope there.

    Barfi – meh. Not my kinda film. But what I’ve seen of Ranbir’s acting in the trailers is awesome. I can’t wait to see how his career shapes up. Though I also hope he does more films that I can enjoy. The only film I’ve enjoyed is Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and even that wasn’t great. It would be good to strike the balance between feel-good, unpretentious and unbraindead.

    Ishqk In Paris – meh. I do feel sorry for Priety because she used to be stunning and did some of the biggest films back in the day. At this stae of her career she should do more Aiyyaa/English Vinglish and less wannabe hip.

    Aiyyaa – yes! Great music, great concept, great fun! Seems like a well made, funny film with a cast that can pull it off. Vidya was trying too hard in The Dirty Picture – Rani shows her how it’s done here. Rani is the good ol’ fashioned filmi heroine combo of acting, dancing and screen presence. And Prithvi does a great job of striking a contrast between the real and dream Suryas.

    Talaash – hmmm. Looks interesting. I’ll watch it once. I hope it does well though, it seems like a lot effort has gone into it.

  14. “PLEASE LEAVE MY KHANS ALONE DURING THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT” – I simply like this statement of yours Getfilmy! She definitely need to leave the Khans especially SALMAN! He’s all mine!

    Great that you are back, miss reading your post.

  15. oh sorry this is my first post on your blog, i love it. as i’m team Srk all day. filmy girl sent us here on her hiatus. your sense of humour is great. will be reading.

  16. Couldn’t agree more on the JTHJ poster…it’s so funny how SRK’s face is on top, and then he and Katrina together form the rest of his body…lol…dunno what they were thinking there…having said that, I’ve watched every single Yash Chopra film since Lamhe on the big screen, so I’m definitely not missing this one…

    BTW, I’ve just now come across your blog and am really enjoying reading your viewpoints…I also grew up in the 90′s and am sort of biased about the Khans, especially Shahrukh…though he doesn’t impress me as much as before, I still get all giddy when a film of his is about to release…I guess once a fan, always a fan:)

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