I’m Back!! Again. :) The Saifeena Wedding Non-Dramz, Jab Tak Hai Jaan OST, English Vinglish, KJo-RGV Bitchfest, PC, Ranbir, Matru Ki Bijlee & More!!

I knooooooowwww, I’ve been away for way too long and I totally miss you guys but dudes, Bollywood Gossip requires a LOT of energy, I kid you not and there’s so much going on right now, it’s like OMG kill me now.

BUT, I have rallied and will TRY to be more regular with my posts. The next couple months are just a bit up and down though so just bear with me.

Anyway, ONWARDS and upwards to Bollywood!!

The Wedding Of The Century Is A Total Bore

I mean like seriously I was expecting Saif to cuss-out (or punch) at least one rogue paparazzo this month but the Royal Couple have managed to keep their Royal Wedding totally under wraps with uninteresting, badly dressed guests scowling in the back seats of their cars and an extra greasy Saif Ali Khan looking a bit scumbaggy in all white at the sangeet.

Courtesy India Today

At least Bebo looked purdy if a little unoriginal.

What a letdown. I don’t know why but I was expecting all sorts of sparks to fly – Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar showing up in matching sequined bowties or something, maybe a Bebo-PC-Deepika fake smiley freezefest and loads of hot goss but everything appears to be quite proper and completely void of drama so far.

Reports indicate that the wedding tomorrow is also going to be a low-key affair. Frankly, I feel a bit cheated. If there’s a tattoo and a huge rock, there should be a big dramatic wedding to match.


The Jab Tak Hai Jaan OST

So I gather there’s been all sorts of controversy surrounding the much anticipated Jab Tak Hai Jaan soundtrack with the general consensus being that it’s a little disappointing.

Personally I didn’t find it disappointing so much as unexpected. Yeah, Rabbi’s vocals on Shahrukh’s visuals is a tad jarring but only because we haven’t heard this kind of sound before on SRK. I think Chhalla‘s lyrics are beautiful.


Saans to me sounds more like a typical Yash Chopra kind of grand, uber-romantic song. I wasn’t crazy about it when I first heard it, and I still can’t say it’s a favorite but there’s something about it that’s haunting and I think it gets the emotionality right.

My favorite song in the album is the title track which I immediately fell in love with.

I’m really liking the way the songs were shot, they have a different kind of vibe about them, a bit naughtier and messier than anything we’ve seen from Yash Chopra before – and yet, it’s still very much Yash Chopra. In a way, it’s kind of exciting that a lot of the JTHJ stuff isn’t as typical as it might’ve been.

Leading Ladies – Heroine, English Vinglish & Aiyyaa

So this was the month of all the heroine-centric movies chasing each other back to back. Unfortunately Heroine’s been declared a fiasco and it looks (very sadly) like Aiyyaa is going the same route.

Which is such a shame because one would think that Dreamum Wakeuppam and Aga Bai alone would make Aiyyaa worth the price of the ticket. Rani totally rocks both songs and we’ve already established that Prithviraj is a Studly Stud (and I hope to God Bollywood is signing him up for some movies). But it seems director Sachin Kundalkar didn’t manage the line between Fun-OTT and Annoying-OTT as well as he should’ve.

Anyway, English Vinglish is the only movie I actually managed to watch and I totally loved it. I mean, Sridevi is just the freakin’ bossman of Bollywood, end of story. As all the reviews have said, it’s just a sweet, simple and (most importantly) satisfying story – which in a way is kind of a tough feat to manage in an industry that’s so big on spectacle films. Full props to Gauri Shinde for creating a world and characters you totally fall in love with and a warm, engaging and clean script.

Queens come and queens go, but Sridevi is on another level altogether. One can’t even call it a comeback because watching her on screen it was literally like she never left.

And speaking of queens and comebacks, what the hell happened to Ishkq In Paris? It’s like it just disappeared off the face of the earth.

But I suspect no one’s complaining.

SOTY Promos  aka The RGV-KJo Bitchfest Continues

The best SOTY promotional moment so far comes to us hands down via RGV, who seems to be channeling all his former film-making talents into his tweet war with KJo. I mean seriously, can we file these under Sarcasm 101 in the Guinness Book of World Sarcasm?

Unfortunately, KJo was off his bitch-game this round, making a tepid comeback with:

“I didn’t realize he was still alive. Is Bhoot Returns his debut?”

…or something equally lame.

Sigh. He’s been spending too much time with those air-brained kids he’s launching.



Tu bacha MANISH CHACHA!!! 


Ye Shahrukh wala template leke same pose hi karaya…

So many great lyrics but my favorite has to be:

Pink wala ped ko humne jala hi dala (We went ahead and burned the pink tree)

Isse zyada melodrama kya hoga sala (What could be more melodramatic than that?)

PC Is In Gunday

Let’s face it, between Priyanka and Katrina it was a lose-lose proposition either way. Which totally sucks because with both Ranveer & Arjun sporting The Sexy Beards I was really looking forward to it.

The truly stunning thing is that despite all of PC’s recent “accomplishments” my dislike of her continues to reign uninterrupted.

Why? Heck if I know.

Then again, there’s this:

Hers was a fairly typical American teenage experience full of football games, pep rallies, and drama club productions. Chopra was the pretty, popular girl with perfect grades. – SPIN Magazine

Was she now? You mean just like they show on TV?

That “fairly typical American teenage experience” sounds like it’s full of cliches and makes for good copy, but is about as real as her accent and her “Say whaaaaa?” tweets. From age 13 until senior year in high school hardly gives a girl time to become quite as “American” as all that, especially if she was constantly moving around.

What’s next, PC bakes the perfect apple pie – please buy her album?

Ranbir & The 100 Crore Club

Excuse me, can we just all hail the prince here please because Ranbir totally became a 100 Crore Hero by playing the most non-masala-y hero ever since the inauguration of the 100 Crore Club.

This only proves 2 very  obvious things.

1) The 100 Crore Club is really not that big a deal anymore. (I mean, even Abhishek can call himself a 100 Crore Hero now.)

2) All theories regarding the South-Remake hit-making formula have gone for a toss. Apparently, as long as you’re copying or remaking something, you’ll have a hit on your hands. Just avoid originality like the plague and you’ll be fine.

And speaking of original….

Matru Ki Bijlee Ki Mandola

…in which a Large Pink Cow totally upstages Imran Khan’s beard.

I mean this is so original, I don’t even get the trailer – which naturally means that the film snobs are going gaga over it.

To be honest, it doesn’t look like something I’d watch on the big screen because:

Imran Khan

But Anushka, Pankaj Kapur and the whole smart-people-watch-Vishal-Bhardwaj-movies thing will ensure I seek it out on DVD.

The Mouthwash Song aka Po Po from Son Of Sardar

Is this the laziest song ever or what? It’s like lyric writing for those who couldn’t be bothered to write lyrics and dance moves for those who couldn’t be bothered to dance.

BUT, you guys, do not judge. That mouthwash move is REALLY hard to do (try it) and Salman’s the only one who is really doing it correctly.

Which means his dental hygiene is far superior to that of either Ajay or Sanju.

As for who looks the creepiest with the creepy buggy eyes – well, I’ll let you decide.

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23 comments on “I’m Back!! Again. :) The Saifeena Wedding Non-Dramz, Jab Tak Hai Jaan OST, English Vinglish, KJo-RGV Bitchfest, PC, Ranbir, Matru Ki Bijlee & More!!

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you’re back!
    1) When the Sangeet pictures came out, a friend of mine and I messaged each other on Facebook almost simultaneously, wondering how Bebo managed to look exactly as one would expect her to at her Sangeet. She does look pretty, though.
    2) I am madly in love with the JTHJ soundtrack. It took a while to grow on me, as some of Rahman’s work does, but Heer, Saans, and the title song are definite earworms. It’s strange how the OST sounds just as you’d imagine a Rahman-Yash Chopra collab would – suitably grand and sweeping but with idiosyncratic little flourishes amid all the swoony romance. On an aside, is it just me, or does ol’ Stoneface Kaif actually manage to work up some heat with SRK?
    3) I am sold on Matru, based on the trailer, but then I love VB’s films, and I have a much higher tolerance for Imran than most people, apparently. Also, Shabana!
    4) SOS is the tackiest looking big-budget film to have come along in a while, it seems to me. The “Rani Raja” song looks like it was shot a discarded set from a school play, and Sonakshi, who I think is a lovely woman, has been styled awfully (what is she wearing in this Po Po song? I can’t even.) The makers seem to have thought that Ajay Devgn and lots of South-inspired slapstick should be enough to see this film beyond a 100 crores, and the sad thing is, they’re probably right.

    • Sal!

      Totally agree with everything you said and YES, I do think Kat is managing to work up some heat with SRK – shocker!! The soundtrack is interesting, I think it’s easy to dislike it at first but for some reason I want to keep listening to it, and it grows on you – as we all know, that happens a lot with Rahman.

      And SOS is completely tacky, I”m getting Rowdy Rathore vibes from it which goes way beyond my tolerance level for masala – but as you say, it’ll probably do RR type business as well.

  2. I was hoping for a new face for Gunday, my excitement level has dropped for it now.

    “But it seems director Sachin Kundalkar didn’t manage the line between Fun-OTT and Annoying-OTT” TRUE and it’s all because of that MEGA annoying co-worker of Rani’s in the film. She was atrocious. Otherwise the film was really fun.

    Still not excited for JTHJ, though I do like Saans. And I was planning on seeing Son of Saardar that weekend, but I haven’t been enjoying the promos. Can we just fast forward to Dabangg 2 release?

    • Jess,

      Totally with you re Gunday, I’m like 70% less excited now than I was when they first announced it. Was looking forward to Aiyyaa too but decided on giving it a DVD viewing.

      Ah but I can’t WAIT for JTHJ even if it doesn’t engender a Dabangg 2 kind of frenzy.

  3. Rani’s dancing and expressions in Aiyyaa go beyond what any of the current actresses are capable of….can’t believe people think that what Katrina did in Sheila was belly dancing….watch Aga Bai ppl!…going by reviews though, seems that the movie could’ve been better…I’ll watch it for Rani…

    JTHJ OST – I think the main thing for most people (including me) was that we were expecting something grand and “epic” sounding, like Veer-Zaara. And with Gulzar on board, I was all ready for some awesome complicated-sounding poetry…what we got was simple and contemporary, and if you look at it like that, it’s not so disappointing…but yes, its not the classic I thought it would be…actually, I love the simplicity of the lyrics in songs like Heer, Saans, and the title song…what’s with all the reviews complaining about Rahman’s use of dafli and dholaks?…I think it gives the songs an old world charm…

    SOS – can’t take any more of these South remakes…lol..hopefully a couple of them will flop in the near future and they’ll stop being made…highly unlikely but one can wish:)

    • Dilse,

      OMG, Rani in Aga Bai is just amazeballs – LOVE it.

      You’re right about expecting a VZ type sweeping soundtrack, and it just went against expectation which is why there was so much grumbling about it. But for what it is, I find it interesting precisely because it was so unconventional. And yeah, the South remakes not going anywhere till they flop, and so far, they’re not flopping!!

  4. AR Rehman has worked with YRF before with Saathiya, and in my opinion, did a much better job with Saathiya.

    Also, am afraid Anushka is getting typecast post BBB.

    PPS: Priyanka in Gunday, seriously?? Why not get Aditi Sharma from LVRB? She has worked with YRF before too.

    • Harpreet,

      The Saathiya soundtrack was magical and I guess I was expecting something like that for JTHJ but I think the songs probably go with the movie even if they don’t pop as much by themselves.

      Would really have preferred someone else for Gunday, I’m so bummed that it’s PC…

      • The Saathiya soundtrack was just the Hindi version of the original Tamil movie’s (Alaipayuthe) soundtrack. So YRF really had nothing to do with that soundtrack, credit goes entirely to Mani Rathnam, with whom Imo AR Rahman has produced his best work. I disliked the JTHJ soundtrack at first, but it has really grown on me. Heer and Jiya Re are excellent and Ishq Shava is quite the earworm.

  5. Yay!! You’re back! Been waiting for new post from you for so long now..

    I have to totally HI-5 you on this “The truly stunning thing is that despite all of PC’s recent “accomplishments” my dislike of her continues to reign uninterrupted.”
    I’m still figuring out as well my disliking her as I used to like her until recently.

    Again, I agree with you on the mouthwashing move!! :)

    • Diwani,
      Thank you!!! You guys are the best readers ever! And yeah I can’t figure out the reason for my PC dislike either, but I can’t seem to get rid of it!

      Been practicing the mouthwash move and still can’t get it right. ;)

  6. I’m just disappointed ..srry :/

  7. KIdding :PP loved it…missed u alot :) can we have a special JTHJ blog also… ?? :)

    • Laxita,

      Phew, you had me sad there for a moment. ;) And yeah I would have an SRK exclusive blog if it were up to me but I’d probably bore everyone else! Will def have more JTHJ stuff in coming weeks. :)

  8. Heey get filmy, you know i’m tweet stalking you and have been coming to your blog everyday with flowers and stuff, bating breath, looking for the next hilarious tidbit. but oh ho nothing, zilch. and today after the MOst gruelling exam i’m rewarded. great to have you back.
    Can i just say that i now am officially in love with you in a totally nonsexual and possibly borderline obsessed way, because you dont like Imran khan. Excuse me if you will if i rant about the general all over crapness of Imran Khan. first> Did the dude get botox from the age of five, because i swear i havent seen him express one thing more than a slight lift of the eyebrow. second> what he lacks for talent he sure makes up for being every F****ing where, is this just because Saint Aamir is pushing him or what? Third> I just want to slap his face and make him pay me for every freaking minute I have ever spent watching him, ie make him my bitch because i feel totally pimped out whenever i watch him. fourth> dude cant act for _____________(insert expletive here) . And i’m done.
    great to have you back.
    Ps Srk looks like sex on a stick in those promos.

  9. Hey, great to have you back, GetFilmy! I’m only sorry that I missed four whole days of joy by not checking here every day.

    Anyway, on to the actual post:

    1. If there was huge public fuss about the Kareena -Saif wedding, wouldn’t people be complaining about that, too? Personally, I like the fact that they’ve managed to keep it so private. And I do love Kareena’s clothes in all the pics that have been leaked so far. Saif, on the other hand …

    2. Why is everyone complaining that the JTHJ music isn’t as “epic” as Veer Zaara’s? When VZ released, everyone was complaining that the music was too “old-fashioned” (which it was), and not good enough for today’s generation. I guess nothing beats nostalgia for improving things. :)

    3. You’ve said many times that you don’t watch anything but Hindi films (among Indian films, anyway). Keeping that in mind, could you please do away with the “south remakes” complaints, as if every single film from every one of the four South Indian language industries (which together comprise more than two thirds of the entire Indian film industry output) is *exactly* the same? It really doesn’t reflect well on you to keep using that offensive phrase. You can continue to complain about those remade films, but please do so individually, so we’ll know that the complaints are at least coming from an informed mind. Otherwise, these “south remake” comments (from others as well as you) sound just like the “all Bollywood movies are the same — just kitsch and garishness” comments that one frequently encounters from western critics.

    But I reiterate, it’s great to have you blogging actively again. :)

  10. Oh, I forgot to say:

    4. English Vinglish shows what “Heroine centric” film should be like! Have you noticed, it’s written and directed by a woman, stars a woman on whom the film is focused throughout, and deals with a quintessential “woman’s problem”, and yet is a box office hit? All these factors, even one of them, are supposed to spell box office poison. So how has EV defied every known bit of “conventional wisdom?” Is this the triumph of Sridevi’s stardom, or of a well-written and directed film with universal appeal? I’m still trying to figure that out, but I hope it paves the way for more such “heroine-centric” films, rather than the kind of efforts we got in Heroine and Saat Khoon Maaf.

    (Could it be because, in the end, EV didn’t rock the patriarchal boat much, and even confirmed the status quo?)

    • MM,

      So great to have your comments! :)

      You’re right re Saifeena, I’m glad for them that they kept it low-key, but as a Bebo fan I would’ve loved more of a spectacle but then…it’s *their* wedding which is totally not my business!

      JTHJ music – I think expectations were so high that a certain section was inevitably bound to disappointed. I like it – it’s definitely grown on me and at this point I’m addicted to most of the songs.

      Re South remakes, you know I totally don’t have an issue with South films, what I DO have an issue with is what Bollywood DOES to South films, and that their basic intention is simply to cash in (especially, IMO, in the case of films like Rowdy Rathore or SOS, and I’ll never forgive them for the VTV remake, Ek Deewana Tha – why ruin a great film?). I wasn’t aware that “South remake” was an offensive phrase, if that’s what you were referring to – I thought it was just a fact.

      And I have no idea how EV worked its magic at the box office, I was expecting it to be appreciated by critics, etc but I didn’t think it would do as well as it did. I’m so happy that it did of course, because it’s a lovely film. Maybe it IS just the Sridevi charm that won us all over? Because as far as the subject was concerned, though it was fantastic and fantastically told, one wouldn’t think it would be so popular. It didn’t rock the patriarchal boat, but it pointed a very well-manicured and lovely finger at it, without becoming aggressive about it – which I loved.

      • GetFilmy — I’ll get back to you on the “south films” question. I don’t feel like talking about such stuff in view of Yash Chopra’s death (which I just read about).

  11. JTHJ soundtrack: good but not as great as I had expected. In fact, Rahman’s work here reminds me a lot of Sohail Sen’s tunes for Ek Tha Tiger. ‘Saans’ especially feels like a less interesting version of ‘Saiyaara’.

    As for SOS, not too excited either. Could the heroine not be even a little bit hot? And it’s a shame Ajay Devgan has become this slapstick buffoon. Earlier his name stood for intensity. Now his films cater to the lowest of the lowest common denominator.

    The only reprieve is Student of the Year, for which I have high hopes. Karan Johar’s films are just as make believe as the too-epic romances of Yash Chopra or the logic-defying ‘comedies’ of Ajay Devgn, but they have internal logic, a coherence that makes them watchable. But again, could the heroine not have been even a little bit hot?

    • Jai,

      I’m SO excited for SOTY!! It’s just that typical Bollywood escapism that I love and grew up on so…I’m all for it. It’s just good fun and emotionally cathartic which a lot of people like (and a lot of people equally hate).

      LOL at the heroines being hot, but dude given the amount of “alia bhatt hot” searches that lead to this blog, apparently *someone* out there thinks she’s hot!! ;)

  12. LOL, the pon pon mouth thing is easier when you use your tongue to move the air from side to side. I think that’s the trick. :-D

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